Dutch Court Dismisses Autodesk Copyright Suit Against ZWCAD

zwsoft_logoGUANGZHOU, China, Apr 10, 2014 – ZWCAD Design Co., Ltd. (ZWCAD Design) made a declaration on April 4 regarding the intellectual property dispute with Autodesk, ZWCAD Design’s Declaration for the Intellectual Property Dispute with Autodesk. On April 8, ZWCAD Design heard from its team of lawyers the verdict of the hearing in the Netherlands. Here is a further update about the Dutch lawsuit:

1. ZWCAD Design won in a landslide in the first instance of the Dutch hearing. There is no infringement by ZWCAD+.

  •  Based on the evidence provided by Autodesk and ZWCAD Design, the Dutch court concluded that ZWCAD+ 2012 and ZWCAD+ 2014 did not infringe upon the intellectual property of AutoCAD 2008, and rejected a series of requests by Autodesk, including a sales ban, product recall, and compensation. ZWCAD has won in a landslide in the first instance of the Dutch lawsuit, protecting the rights and interest of its clients and partners.
  • ZWCAD Design will respond to the request of the Dutch court, to deposit the source code of ZWCAD+ to a Chinese third party organization for any possible review in the future.
  • The District Court in The Hague is a world famous court for intellectual property, with high proficiency and authority. ZWCAD Design respects justice and is grateful for the fair verdict made by the court, which helps protect a market where ZWCAD+ and other CAD products can freely compete.

2. The first verdict of the Dutch court proves ZWCAD+ is a trust worthy product.

  • ZWCAD+ features independent intellectual property and core technology, which is protected by International and Chinese laws. There is no source code copying in ZWCAD+, neither is there any infringement by ZWCAD+ of any other product. For those users who already purchased or about to purchase ZWCAD+, they can use ZWCAD+ without any concern and are protected by law.
  • The lawsuits against ZWCAD+ speak volumes of its industry leading product quality, which has threatened the dominant position of the giant company in the market.
  • ZWCAD Design will keep investing in product R&D, providing better and better products and services to end users.

3. The final verdict of the Dutch lawsuit helps ZWCAD Design respond strongly to any dishonest and misleading information against ZWCAD Design and its products.

ZWCAD DESIGN hereby reiterates: ZWCAD Design reserves all the rights to take legal actions against any behavior that purposefully defames ZWCAD+ intellectual property or misleads the market and clients.

4. The victory of the Dutch lawsuit not only belongs to ZWCAD Design, but to all those who stood by ZWCAD Design. It is the winning of free market competition. ZWCAD Design is grateful for the unyielding support of its clients, partners and industry insiders.

See original copy of the Dutch lawsuit verdict in English on ZWCAD site.

About ZWCAD Design

ZWCAD Design Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of ZWSOFT, is an international CAD software provider through its network of over 300 partners in 80+ countries and regions. Its product ZWCAD+ is used by CAD designers across the AEC and MCAD industries.

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