Draga to Sell NEOLANT Group’s BIM/IDMS Support Software

MOSCOW, Russia and STAVANGER, Norway, Oct 11, 2017 – The NEOLANT Group of Companies, which provides a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for industrial plant management, and Draga, a provider of services for the digitization of industrial assets, jointly announced today the signing of a new partnership agreement aimed distributing Russian-made BIM/IDMS technology throughout the Nordic region.

The difficult situation facing large companies – whether in Russia, the Nordic region, or worldwide – is their use of heterogeneous CAD and BIM data files. The problem is multiplied by the absence of an integrated platform for managing their asset lifecycles. Companies suffer from administrative, operational, and information gaps and bear significant financial cost.

Neoland GC and Draga aim to solve the problem with the wider distribution of software designed to manage assets at large industrial complexes.

Which Products

Draga will offer the following NEOLANT GC solutions and services that support digital asset creation and maintenance:

POLYNOM creates and updates BIM throughout the all life cycle stages of facilities.

SOMOX manages the construction process on the base of 4D-6D model in real time.

EOSYNTEZ manages engineering data to support digital assets.

INTERBRIDGE converts and reviews integral BIM models generated from various CAD/BIM/PLM formats.

Geographic Spread

Draga will offer NEOLANT GC’s solutions and services to the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Target Clientele

Draga will target companies involved in engineering manufacturing, such as the following ones:

  • Vertically-integrated holdings
  • Engineering companies
  • Design and construction entities
  • Asset operators

Synergy in Partnership

The leaders of both companies talked about how valuable the partnership will be for the market.

“The goal of our partnership with Draga is to eliminate of gaps in the asset lifecyle,” said Vitaly Kononov, president of NEOLANT Group of Companies. “We do our best through the combination of solutions and services over the course of creation and maintenance of digital assets.”

For Draga, NEOLANT Group’s solutions are a perfect match, as they are compatible with all other established, market-leading CAD and BIM programs.

“Draga is always looking for the best solutions that give our customers a better return on investment, enhanced end-user experience, and savings on resources,” said Kent Andersen, CEO of Draga. “The partnership with NEOLANT Group will enhance our portfolio and enable us to extend our digitalization solutions to offer better products to our clients.” 


NEOLANT Group offers advanced engineering and IT solutions that support plant management in the nuclear and power generation industries. Its solutions are based on the extensive IT expertise and industry-specific sets of knowledge possessed by the NEOLANT team.

Services that NEOLANT GC provides include the following:

  • Development of information and simulation models for industrial facilities to support the facilities lifecycle
  • Development and implementation of information systems to manage engineering and plant operations data through CAD, PLM, BIM, GIS, PDM, and PM integration
  • Research and development and engineering design aiming at implementation of plant-scale processes, systems, equipment, capital construction projects

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