Docupoint Releases DrawingSearcher 2015

Supports all AutoCAD and MicroStation CAD drawings

SILICON VALLEY, CA, May 27, 2015 – Docupoint announces the release of DrawingSearcher 2015, the latest version of the company’s simple-to-use and innovative CAD search engine for CAD drawings across an organization’s entire enterprise. DrawingSearcher 2015 extends its availability to Bentley System’s MicroStation community, making available a vast CAD population that was previously unable to index and search their CAD files through the DrawingSearcher search engine.

With the inclusion of MicroStation indexing, DrawingSearcher 2015 is now available for users of the two largest CAD formats – MicroStation and AutoCAD – as well as for all Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF and database files. Having market-leading formats fully supported enables even more users to save time, money, and resources by quickly and easily searching their entire CAD drawing archive.

DrawingSearcher searches based on any word, phrase, or alpha-numeric text or number within all stored CAD files using basic search terms, as well as broad Boolean parameters. The 2015 release offers additional improvements to make searching CAD drawing archives even simpler. Specifically, DrawingSearcher 15 offers new support for Plot styles as well as improvements to the Lineweights, Paper size, and Multipage/Viewport – all of which greatly enhance the visual representation of CAD drawings in DWF and PDF formats that are found using DrawingSearcher.
Among DrawingSearcher 2015’s new features are enhanced security features and predictive word listings to make the overall user experience more intuitive and easy to use. These updates, coupled with MicroStation compatibility, makes the latest version of DrawingSearcher the most comprehensive, intuitive, and powerful CAD search engine that has ever been made available to large organizations.

“The 2015 version of DrawingSearcher builds off of Docupoint’s already popular platform while expanding our reach into other file formats, ensuring that it is not only the best AutoCAD search engine available, but the best search engine for CAD drawings, period,” said David Hughs, president of Docupoint. “DrawingSearcher 2015 is unique in its ability to service all of the most popular CAD formats in a way that improves the user experience while adding to its functionality by improving both scope of files that are searchable, as well as overall ease-of-use.”

For organizations that use CAD engines developed by Bentley Systems (MicroStation) and/or Autodesk (AutoCAD), DrawingSearcher 2015 is installed and runs in a company’s data center behind their firewall – ensuring that CAD drawings can be accessed, viewed and printed while maintaining strict IT security standards. The standard DrawingSearcher installation requires about three minutes plus roughly twenty minutes to configure, followed by a one-time indexing time of 3-12 seconds per file – 40 percent faster than previous versions – based on the speed of the server that DrawingSearcher is installed on within an organizations computer data center. Thereafter, search results appear to all the organization’s users as almost instantaneous.

“We are excited to be able to extend support to MicroStation users,” said Docupoint’s Hughs. “Like our iOS and Android users, both CAD engines have their loyal followers, and we look forward to working with users on both platforms to make searching and finding needed CAD drawings simpler than it has ever been.”

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About DrawingSearcher

Docupoint’s DrawingSearcher 2015 software combines the power of full-text SEARCH within any standard easy-to-use web browser, allowing users to find targeted information within any CAD drawing, anywhere within an organization’s thousands-and-thousands of drawings.

DrawingSearcher previews drawings in PDF format on mobile devices, Macs and PC’s without the need to purchase a CAD engine and provides an all-digital approach to search, view, print, measure, and mark-up CAD drawings. With the addition of a supported CAD engine, DrawingSearcher also allows users to revise CAD drawings on the spot as needed.
DrawingSearcher is compatible with all Document Management Systems, including Autodesk’s Vault, Microsoft’s Sharepoint, and Blue Cielo. The CAD files are read directly in their native form without changing any file properties, while the file content is indexed for immediate retrieval from all popular web browsers on all the popular mobile and desktop devices.

About Docupoint

Docupoint is a privately held company headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California. The company was founded in 2009 after acquiring the assets of its predecessor business, specifically the DrawingSearcher (fka: Discovery) software.

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