DeskProto Offers ‘Hobby Business’ in Hobby License

UTRECHT, Netherlands, Apr 1, 2020 – DeskProto announces that it will relax the limitations of the hobby license for its DeskProto CAM software. Previously under such license it was not allowed to use DeskProto for any commercial application, now sales are permitted up to revenue of 3000 euro yearly.

“The DeskProto hobby license makes it possible to start a CNC business at low initial cost.”

“Hobby users sometimes want to sell a CNC machined product to cover their costs, without the intention to create an income. The old hobby license did not allow that.” says Lex Lennings, DeskProto sales manager. “We were very happy that we now can offer a suitable solution, calling such sales a ‘hobby business’. This can of course also be used by a startup business, in order to upgrade to a commercial license when the revenue has grown above this limit.”

With the current need to stay at home because of the covid19-control regulations, this may be a good time to see if the hobby CNC machine can be used to generate some extra income. DeskProto offers both 2D and 3D CAM: it can load geometry files (STL), vector files (DXF, EPS) and digital images (any format). And it can generate toolpaths for almost any CNC milling machine: 3-axis, 4-axis and (limited) 5-axis.

About DeskProto

DeskProto by Delft Spline Systems is the 3D CAM program that has made CNC milling a competitive alternative for 3D Printing by making it just as easy. The software can import 2D drawing files (DXF, EPS, AI), 3D geometry files (STL, DXF) and digital images (BMP, JPG, PNG), calculate NC toolpaths and then export NC program files suited for any 3-axis or 4-axis CNC milling machine. Key feature is the ease of use: DeskProto is aimed at designers, not (as most other CAM software) at CAM specialists.

Despite its low-end price DeskProto contains many high-end features, like automatic feedrate reduction at high chiploads, collet collision check, full rotation axis support, the two-sided milling wizard, and much more (not all options are available in all editions). Current users range from hobbyists and one-person model-shops to multinational A-brand companies like Unilever, Lancôme, Sony-Ericsson and NASA.

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