DDC Introduces SB-3642, SB-3644 Conversion, Simulation Boards

Data Device Corp. (DDC) has introduced Synchro/Resolver conversion and simulation PMC boards, featuring multiple independent channels and programmability, to provide a method to test and simulate positioning systems in lab and embedded environments.

The SB-3642 conversion and SB-3644 simulation boards can be designed into embedded applications, just by the switch of a carrier card. Dedicated to providing position feedback and simulation, there is no need for complex configuration and programming of multiple functions, and with the motion feedback software development kit (SDK)… just plug and play, and start converting.

About DDC

Data Device Corp. (DDC) is a designer and manufacturer of connectivity, power and control solutions (data networking; power distribution, control and conversion; motor control and motion Feedback) for aerospace, defense, space, and industrial applications. DDC has served these industries as a trusted resource for more than 50 years.

For more information, visit DDC website.

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