Datakit Releases CAD Data Exchange v2019.2

LYON, France, Apr 8, 2019 – The latest update of Datakit’s CAD data exchange software range is now available. It adds the support for new CAD and BIM formats versions reading, for all Datakit applications: 

CATIA V5 and CGR readers

The version V5-6 R2019 (R29) is now supported. As usual, Datakit closely follows the evolution of CATIA versions and offers support for new versions very soon after their release.
Datakit tools can thus now read and convert .CATDrawing, .CATPart, .CATProduct and .cgr files from versions R10 to V5-6R2019.

All formats convertible with CrossManager

Revit reader 

A little over a year after the first release of its Revit reader, Datakit continues to improve the support of this format and now offers the ability to read files coming from Revit 2016. This version is added to versions 2017, 2018 and 2019 already supported.

Rhinoceros reader 

Datakit plug-ins for Rhino are compatible with Rhino 6 for one year now. The novelty of V2019.2 concerns Datakit’s .3dm file reader, which is now also able to read files coming from Rhino 6.
Versions 4, 5 and 6 of Rhinoceros are therefore supported.

NX reader

Siemens has recently changed the numbering of NX versions and has released two new versions: NX 1847 and NX 1851. Datakit’s tools are now able to read them, while still supporting older releases, from Unigraphics 15 to NX 12.

The version 2019.2 also benefits from the constant improvement of the dozens of CAD converters provided by Datakit. Indeed, they are maintained constantly, in order to improve their quality and to process new entities while optimizing the execution time.

These enhancements apply to all Datakit’s product lines: for end users using plug-ins or the converter CrossManager, as well as for software vendors integrating Datakit’s technology.

Users wanting to try Datakit software can download it and get a trial license on CrossManager and CrossCad/Plg official pages.

Software vendors interested in CrossCad/Ware can visit the API presentation page and contact Datakit to get information relevant to their activity.

About Datakit

Datakit is a leading company founded in 1994, specialized in CAD data exchange solutions and services. It offers standalone converters, plug-ins and SDK that import, analyze and export a large number of CAD formats. Datakit exposes a wide range of geometrical and semantic data (assemblies, annotations, metadata, PMI) through its various range of products. It also provides services that aid in the migration of CAD databases and help customers choose the best data transfer solutions. It works closed to many independent software vendors that currently integrate its CAD data exchange solutions to their own software.

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