Dassault, SuperMap Partner for Construction, Cities

VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France, June 7, 2019 – Dassault Systèmesand SuperMap Software Co. Ltd (Shenzhen Stock Exchange 300036), a leading geographic information system (GIS) software and services company, today announced their intent to jointly engage on platform-driven projects for construction, cities and territories in global markets by combining their respective expertise and creating new guidelines for information exchange in these domains.

Under the terms of this memorandum of understanding, the two industry leaders plan to leverage Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and SuperMap’s GIS software and application platform to define new experiences for customers.  They aim to promote the use of big data and artificial intelligence for smart operations and collaborative innovation to transform construction, cities and territories in global markets, starting with China, one of the world’s largest adopters of building information modeling (BIM).

In addition to this co-engagement, the companies plan to improve the exchange of their respective GIS and PLM publication data. The integration of 3DEXPERIENCity solutions powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for modeling and simulating construction, cities and territories with SuperMap’s unparalleled land mapping technologies will offer game-changing BIM innovation to model and simulate experiences for efficient decision-making during the entire lifecycle of buildings, railway networks, roads, highways, mobility hubs and other infrastructure.

“Our alliance with SuperMap will demonstrate the best solution in the industry to our prospects as well as our common customers. This will help create a digital twin experience of cities, railways, territories and other projects under development,” said Florence Verzelen, Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions, Field Marketing, Global Affairs, Dassault Systèmes.  “But this is only the beginning.  As we increase our footprint in this domain, this alliance has the potential to address multiple cities and territories in China and globally. Smart city initiatives and large transportation infrastructure projects around the world offer the potential to anticipate and plan for more livable, resilient urban areas, yet require the successful collaborative innovation and smart operations we can jointly provide.”

“The development of big data GIS, 3D GIS and technologies alike has driven changes in many relevant industries, and promoted the upgrading of smart city application in multi-dimensions,” said Song GuanFu, CEO, SuperMap Group. “The deep integration between BIM and GIS has currently achieved breakthroughs in planning, housing construction, transportation, smart city and many other fields. The strategic cooperation with Dassault Systèmes enables us to jointly make technical innovations in BIM plus GIS areas and build up the CIM being the digital twin of the cities. Meanwhile, SuperMap and Dassault Systèmes also intend to engage in cooperation at multiple levels worldwide.”

The announcement was made in the context of evolving demographic trends and continuous investment in transportation infrastructure. According to the United Nations, 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. By 2025, China will have 221 cities with one million plus inhabitants. Worldwide, an estimated $1.4 trillion will be spent per year in the next decade on transportation infrastructure.

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