Cyon Research, IntrimSim Announce Simulation Summit

cofes_logoBETHESDA, MD, Nov 14, 2014 – Engineering software industry veterans, Brad Holtz, president and CEO of Cyon Research, and Joe Walsh, CEO of IntrinSIM, have collaborated to create the Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Summit (ASSESS). The purpose of the summit is to identify and resolve the issues that confront simulation software and the simulation software industry as we move beyond the recent economic crash and face new and complex challenges. The summit will be held at the Santa Fe Institute January 9, 2015 and is being underwritten by the Center for Understanding Change.

The need for simulation tools, products, and services has never been higher, yet we face major challenges limiting our ability to capitalize on that need. Some of those challenges are obvious to all, some less so and there are more that we haven’t even considered yet. The Summit is designed to put a stake in the ground and prioritize these challenges, expose hidden issues, and start the conversation that we jointly benefit by discussing. Attending the Summit will be a “who’s who” of the CAE and engineering software industry: 40 visionaries, each with the title and position that empowers them to implement their vision.

ASSESS is a watershed event. Modeled after the great summits in the sciences of the early 20th century, this event brings together influential representatives from major engineering corporations, leading industry analysts, software and hardware vendors, and distinguished members of the academic and financial communities. The ambassadors to the summit are not only among the leading thinkers in the industry, they are people of substantial influence, with the power to effect change. Attendance to the ASSESS Summit is by invitation only and all ambassadorships have been filled. A list of the ambassadors can be viewed at .


The combined arena of engineering analysis, simulation, and systems engineering will be referred to as SIMULATION for simplicity’s sake. For the purposes of this Summit, the SIMULATION software industry is the ecosystem that creates software to analyze, and simulate behavior of complex systems/products.

The use of SIMULATION has seen continual double-digit growth annually for about 30 years (until the global economic recession of 2007-12). There has been a corresponding increase in focus and investment in SIMULATION. This growth is coupled with increasing awareness of business benefits and increasing expectations as SIMULATION is increasingly perceived as the key enabler to increased competitiveness across multiple markets.

While many aspects of SIMULATION are well established in many enterprises as part of their Product Development Process, there are still challenges related to SIMULATION that raise questions concerning the future directions of SIMULATION software. On top of that, there are developments outside our domain that are likely to have longer-term, major impacts on SIMULATION. Notable among them include:

  • Cognitive computing (IBM’s Watson is a very early example)
  • New, non-von Neumann computing architectures (IBM and Micron both announced new chips in 2014 that have the potential to be disruptive)
  • Business model evolution

These are just a few of the questions and challenges facing the SIMULATION software industry today.

Call for input
The subject is much broader than can be addressed by the limited number of ambassadors to the summit. ASSESS’s organizers are looking for additional input from those not able to otherwise participate. If you would like your thoughts on key questions, developments, and issues to be considered at ASSESS, please send them to

Next steps

Following the summit, on Tuesday, January 13, there will be a virtual press conference discussing the findings of the summit. The conversations begun at ASSESS will continue to a larger audience in conjunction with COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (April in Scottsdale, Arizona.) Details on this next step will be determined in January, subsequent to ASSESS.

About Brad Holtz

Brad provides the vision, drive, inspiration and energy to the Center for Understanding Change. Through his publications, conferences and consulting, Brad has remained at the cutting edge of technology for more than 30 years and is highly sought for his analysis, insight and opinions. Brad’s rare gift of being an effective communicator brings people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to discuss complex issues and allows them to understand and contribute. As CEO of Cyon Research Corporation, Mr. Holtz is the driving force for COFES, The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, a leading technology event where engineering software vendors and users gather for various conversations. Brad, the founder for the Center for Understanding Change, is an advocate of technology, the environment and science to understand the impact of global changes and risk to critical infrastructure through research. Brad holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Washington University (St. Louis) and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Maryland. For more information, please visit or

About Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh founded intrinSIM in late 2009 with the intention of enabling rapid next generation application development based on more than 35 years of experience and expertise in the CAE, CAD, interoperability and component software industries. He was most recently the VP Business Development for Simmetrix where he was responsible for sales, marketing and business relationships. Before joining Simmetrix, he was VP of Worldwide Sales for IronCAD LLC, VP of North American Sales for Spatial Corp., partner and founder of New Renaissance, President/CEO and co-founder of FEGS Inc., (the North American subsidiary of FEGS, Ltd. of Cambridge UK), President/CEO of PAFEC Inc., (the North American subsidiary of PAFEC Ltd. of Nottingham UK), Director of Engineering Applications for Clevenger Corporation, and 8+ years in other engineering analysis positions specializing in CAD/CAE integration, CAE automation, and design optimization. Joe holds an Architectural Engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering.

About The Center for Understanding Change

The Center for Understanding Change (C4UC) is a 501c3 nonprofit research center focused on understanding the impact of global changes and risk to critical infrastructure. We help our constituents understand the ripple effects of their actions and how specific changes and events affect them. Key to C4UC’s impact is a game-changing software tool that solves “the stakeholder problem” for system dynamics models.

For more information, please visit

About The Santa Fe Institute

The Santa Fe Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center, founded in 1984, where leading scientists grapple with some of the most compelling and complex problems of our time. Researchers come to the Santa Fe Institute from universities, government agencies, research institutes, and private industry to collaborate across disciplines, merging ideas and principles of many fields – from physics, mathematics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities – in pursuit of creative insights that improve our world. The Institute’s scientific and educational missions are supported by philanthropic individuals and foundations, forward-thinking partner companies, and government science agencies.

For more information, please visit


COFES is the engineering software industry’s only annual think tank event which brings executives from design, engineering, architectural, development and technology companies together to understand the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of your business. COFES is a think tank where great minds come together to discuss best practices and to share ideas for managing change; a technology summit that promotes discussion and problem-solving among industry thought-leaders, analysts and customers; a business event that delivers practical strategies for achieving financial success in the engineering and design technology sector; and an informal environment where business leaders and technology providers can meet to identify and address key industry issues and challenges. COFES is also an invitation-only event. Qualified individuals may apply for an invitation at

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