CurvSurf Releases FindSurface 2018

FAIRFAX, VA, Jan 19, 2018 – CurvSurf, inc. announced the release of FindSurface 2018. FindSurface 2018, based on advanced mathematics and mechanics (AAMM), is an intelligent 3D industrial object recognition SDK, and it can directly utilize unfiltered dimensional point cloud (or simply ‘Point Cloud’). It enables to bring Intelligent 3D object recognition to BIM reverse engineering, intelligent robotics, and immersive 3D applications into the everyday life.

Click here to find Real Time 3D Object Recognition video.

CurvSurf provides three different types of licenses,e.g., FindSurface 2018 Trial, Standard, and Professional. Developers can sign up forfree two-week trial of FindSurface 2018.

“The FindSurface SDK (i.e., FindSurface 2018) performs real-time, human-like recognition of 3D objects in point clouds. It works with point clouds generated by any device—from a terrestrial scanner to a consumer tablet with a 3D camera.” “The FindSurface SDK (i.e., FindSurface 2018) works a lot like the human brain. First, it reads the point cloud directly to pick out geometric “primitives” like boxes, planes, spheres, cylinders, cones, tori, and surfaces of revolution. After that, it calculates each object’s dimensional information—including position, orientation, size, radius, volume, and more.” Click here to find more about FindSurface.

FindSurface 2018 is to provide a continuous industrial-feature (topologies) recognition of the environment surrounding the users, in other words, “what is here”. This vision of the area around the user is what the user typically experiences. Most of 3D depth cameras, industrial 3D scanners, 3D vision systems, and 3D Lidar systems can be used withFindSurface 2018. Developers can easily incorporate FindSurface 2018 with their applications, e.g., automatic/semi-automatic feature recognition in reverse engineering, handling occlusions in AR/MR/VR, pallet & package measurements in logistics, localization or station registration, and many more in emergent industries. Initial release is supporting Windows, and other platforms will be supported in the future.

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