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MOSCOW, Russia, Aug 29, 2018 – announced its latest CAD file conversion app, Total CAD Converter. CAD files are produced using expensive computer drawing software and output specific and non-standard CAD file types. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on CAD software to include drawings and diagrams into documents, Total CAD Converter allows users to convert CAD files into a usable format, such as TIFF, in a cost-effective manner.

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Architects, construction organizations, and engineering firms understand the need to use CAD files in documents such as contracts, RFQs and RFPs. However, CAD files don’t easily fit into Word or PDF documents. This autocad converter allows users to easily convert CAD files into many different file types, particularly TIFF files. TIFF files are commonly used in bids and contracts by architects, engineers, constructions firms, and anyone who designs products using CAD software.

Total CAD Converter allows users to convert many different types of CAD drawings, including dxf, dwg, dwf, dwfx, hpgl, plo, hpgl2, hp and several additional CAD formats. Total CAD Converter not only converts CAD files into the popular TIFF format, but also PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, and other images used to include graphics in architectural and design documents.

While other programs simply convert CAD documents to other file formats, Total CAD Converter allows users to customize TIFF files. You can combine files, resize, rotate, and change colors (including changing color drawings to black and white) to get exactly the output you need for your documents.

Total CAD Converter also allows batch conversions. Users can process thousands of CAD files to TIFF in one go. Additional options include adding page numbers and dates on each page of the file to make organization of files easier for professionals. Users can also combine multiple files into one when converting CAD drawings to keep the number of files to a minimum. For example, architects can group files by client or building project and create one file for each project. Total CAD Converter can also convert CAD files in batches to save valuable time.

Total CAD Converter not only creates several different file types, but produces high-quality output of drawings into several different graphic formats. Users can convert CAD to JPEG files to define quality and smoothing for superior output.

Total CAD Converter is easy to use, even for the novice user. The wizard-mode interface steps users through conversion options, including output location, color and black and white options, resizing, rotating and cropping drawings, compression, quality, and many other features users can configure during the conversion process.

Total CAD Converter is ideal for construction companies, engineers, architects and other organizations that use complex AutoCAD drawings and diagrams frequently. If you have clients that share CAD files with you, Total CAD Converter Pro is ideal for viewing, converting and printing those files.

Total CAD Converter is offered as a 30-day free trial download for users to try. For users ready to purchase the application, the home license is $99.00. Total CAD Converter X to convert CAD to TIFF on web servers is $350.00.

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