CompanyCam AR App Launched for Contractors

“Augmented reality is being used seemingly everywhere now, and we wanted to find a way to make it meaningful to our customer-base—contractors,” said Luke Hansen, CEO and founder of CompanyCam. “By adding virtual measuring and digital objects, we’ve managed to make this really awesome technology useful to contractors in all sorts of industries.”

CompanyCam’s latest feature will include virtual measuring for both distance and area, a pitch gauge, as well as virtual objects for different industries including HVAC units, trees and shrubs for landscaping, and windows and doors. As current customers begin to use AR, CompanyCam will turn to them for feedback and recommendations.

“We want to make this something that contractors actually want to use,” said Hansen. “As they mess around with it and get the hang of it, we’ll be turning to them to hear what improvements we can make and what we can add to it to make it even better.”

With over 9,000 users, more than 10M photos taken, and nearly 1M projects created, CompanyCam is establishing itself as an industry leader in photo management for contractors, and is eager to expand into new territory with augmented reality. CompanyCam AR is now available for use in the CompanyCam app.

About CompanyCam

Founded in 2015, CompanyCam has changed how contractors work. Through its complete photo solution which gives companies the ability to take unlimited photos—all of which are location and time stamped, sent to the cloud, and stored securely—CompanyCam allows contractors of any kind to manage and monitor projects from anywhere. With over 10M photos in the cloud and counting, CompanyCam is dedicated to providing contractors with the simplest and most productive photo solution.

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