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Comau Academy’s e.DO Experience, a new teaching platform that becomes available in January 2019, aims to provide a new, interactive and creative approach to robot-enhanced learning. It uses Comau’s e.DO robot to make teaching more innovative and stimulating in school and elsewhere.

The e.DO Experience is suitable for all ages. It encourages a practical approach to academic learning and encourages the development of joining skills and direct participation in learning activities designed around the e.DO robot.

Modular, versatile, open-source and interactive, the compact e.DO robot has been developed by Comau especially for teaching purposes. It is ideal for stimulating students’ creativity and their active participation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). e.DO is the perfect learning tool for anybody wishing to explore the world of robotics, as it helps students acquire practical robot operating and programming skills in an entertaining way.

Comau’s e.DO Experience is intended for a broad and diversified public that includes teachers, students, company managers, professionals, robotics enthusiasts, visitors to exhibitions and museums, conference participants, and even families with children. The teaching content is carefully calibrated to the different needs and skill levels of users.

Comau has developed a total of six experiences: e.DO Learning Center, e.DO Learning Lab, e.DO Robotics Licenses, e.DO Programs, e.DO Events and e.DO Corner.

e.DO Learning Center provides an innovative learning environment in which primary and secondary school children can use e.DO to investigate subjects like physics, mathematics and other STEM topics. Instructive, creative and inspirational, e.DO™ Learning Centersparks young people’s curiosity about technological innovation and makes learning fun.

e.DO Learning Lab is an educational robotics workshop. This perfectly equipped lab is designed to help teachers and students use robotics independently as a way of making lessons more effective and compelling.

Anybody wishing to study robotics in greater depth will find e.DO Robotics Licenses particularly useful. This experience consists of a set of learning paths dedicated to industrial and open robotics. It offers a chance to obtain an internationally recognised qualification (an industrial robot operation and programming certificate) or an e.DO operator certificate.

e.DO Programs is a collection of learning programs for students, adolescences, adults, individuals and corporate teams. Its main focus is on developing digital competence, soft skills and industrial culture.

e.DO Events and e.DO Corner are the last two experiences. e.DO Events consists of a series of edutainment programs specially designed to convey and exploit the potential of robotics with small demos tailored for company meetings, and public or private events. e.DO Corner is an infotainment showcase based on a fully operational e.DO robot for use in museums, theme parks, exhibitions and robotics conferences. It gives visitors a chance to discover robotics and experiment with it in person by taking part in a series of micro-demonstrations or activities ranging from simulation to the assembly, programming and operation of e.DO.

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