CNC Software, WIDIA Partner for NOVO, Mastercam

TOLLAND, CT, Dec 15, 2017 – CNC Software, Inc., developers of Mastercam, have collaborated with WIDIA, the original German tungsten carbide tool developers, to provide a solution that enables CAM users to quickly import tool assemblies from WIDIA NOVO directly into Mastercam 2018.

Mastercam developers worked closely with WIDIA to let users import 3D tool assemblies directly into Mastercam, validate them, and save them in their Mastercam file and/or Tool Library. Features such as automated filtering ensure that the holders and tools that are selected can work together for the particular job. Users of Mastercam benefit from having the correct tooling for the material and for the type of machining operation, plus an accurate 3D model that can be used for visualization and collision checking, in addition to the time savings.

“We found that in the past, our customers complained of having to search through big complicated catalogs to find related parts, then having to request or build the assemblies from scratch for use in systems such as Mastercam. With the integration of WIDIA NOVO and Mastercam, customers save significant time searching for desired tools and building 3D tool assemblies that can be brought directly into Mastercam for easy use by most shops,” says Rich Taft, product owner, CNC Software Inc. “Accurate tool definitions are a critical factor in modern CAM applications. Toolpath algorithms take advantage of these definitions to provide safe and efficient motion. In addition, the models that we import from WIDIA NOVO help us to generate accurate in-process stock models that can be leveraged in subsequent operations. Customers can also make use of these models in verification and machine simulation to catch programming errors before the program ever gets to the machine tool.”

Chris Merlin, director of portfolio commericialization at WIDIA, states ”One of the promises of digitalization in manufucturing is greater precision and speed through effective use of data; this is where integration is a must. Users want their systems to work together seamlessly, via simple solutions, without extra effort on their part. By connecting Mastercam and WIDIA NOVO, users can effortlessly join cutting tool data with machining data. The 3D models, drawings, and starting parameters are easily available for validation and programming processes. All of this leads to less misapplication of tooling solutions, more optimal machining strategies, and increased productivity with better quality in the manufacturing environment.”

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About Mastercam

Developed by CNC Software, Inc., Mastercam is Windows-based CAD/CAM software for 2- through 5-axis routing, milling and turning, 2- and 4-axis wire EDM, 2D and 3D design, surface and solid modeling, artistic relief cutting, and Swiss machining. CNC Software is a privately-owned corporation founded in 1983. The US-based company provides Mastercam CAD/CAM solutions to more than 224,000 installations in 75 countries in industries including moldmaking, prototyping, automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products, and much more. Mastercam runs under Windows 10, as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8, and is compatible with all other CAD/CAM systems.

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WIDIA, founded in 1926, was the first company to apply the patent for tungsten carbide to cutting tool development.  This innovation, is why WIDIA is considered by many as the original German carbide supplier. Its name, translated from German, means “Wie Diamant” or “Diamond Like”, referring to the hardness characteristics of tungsten carbide.   In 2002 WIDIA was purchased by Kennametal Inc, and today operates as an independent business segment, going to market worldwide through a network of value added re-sellers. In addition to the WIDIA brand name, WIDIA also markets as WIDIA Hanita, originally Hanita Cutting Tools and creator of the Varimill, the original variable pitch endmill.WIDIA also offers WIDIA GTD brand taps in the market, originally Greenfield Tap & Die, founded in Greenfield, MA in 1912. Greenfield Tap & Die, with roots dating back to the 1860’s, was a driver of the Industrial Revolution, and of the US Tapping and Threading market and standards.  GTD launched many innovations including the “gun tap” in 1917.WIDIA NOVO is one of many digital initiatives being undertaken to take these proud industrial brands into the next generation of machining, utilizing digital manufacturing techniques.

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