CloudVelox Announces One Hybrid Cloud for VMware Cloud on AWS

LAS VEGAS, NV, Aug 30, 2017 – CloudVelox, a pioneer in cloud automation and orchestration software for clouds and data centers, announced One Hybrid Cloud is available to customers of VMware Cloud on AWS. Launched today with initial availability in the AWS US West (Oregon) region, VMware Cloud on AWS brings together VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software and elastic, bare-metal infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give organizations consistent operating model and application mobility for private and public cloud. One Hybrid Cloud enables customers and their partners the capability to automate the migration and repatriation of existing workloads from any source environment (physical, virtual, cloud) to customers of VMware Cloud on AWS.

CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud software offers IT executives “workload portability”, with the flexibility to shift workloads in and out of data centers and clouds, to maximize the best cost, security, performance and availability structure for running all workloads without fear of being locked into a single destination environment (cloud or data center). Using its unique Application Blueprint technology, CloudVelox can automate the mapping of compute, storage, network and security characteristics of a workload from a source environment to matching infrastructure services in the destination cloud or datacenter. As a result of this automation, enterprises can accelerate their digital transformation projects, increase IT productivity and reduce risk in their migration projects.

One Hybrid Cloud enables enterprise customers with the flexibility to migrate workloads from any source to data center environments including between data centers (DC to DC), rack to rack (intra-datacenter) as well as migrate or repatriate workloads from the cloud to the data center (Cloud to DC). Specifically, you can migrate physical, virtual, or cloud workloads into a VMware virtualized data center, AWS Cloud, AWS GovCloud, or VMware Cloud on AWS. CloudVelox’s cloud automation and orchestration software accelerates workload mobility at scale through automation, resulting in “mass migrations” being completed successfully in weeks, rather than 9 to 12 months.

CloudVelox has delivered several innovations including automated Application Blueprinting and Automated Network Mapping to enable automated migration and recovery. These use cases deliver on our vision to provide enterprise IT executives and partners the ability to manage a boundary-less data center by enabling a seamless dynamic pool of resources without boundaries and without fear of lock-in.

VMware Cloud on AWS technology partners enable customers to deploy the same proven solutions seamlessly in both the public and private cloud. VMware simplifies the deployment and eliminates the need for partners to refactor solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS. If a partner solution works on-premises in a VMware vSphere environment, it will easily support VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware technology partners complement and enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS service and enable customers to realize new capabilities.

“VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering that gives customers the SDDC experience from the leader in private cloud, running on the leading public cloud provider, AWS,” said Mark Lohmeyer, vice president, products, Cloud Platforms Business Unit, VMware. Solutions such as One Hybrid Cloud enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create operational consistency across cloud environments. We’re excited to work with partners such as CloudVelox to enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS capabilities and empower customers with flexibility and choice in solutions that can drive business value.”

About VMware Cloud on AWS

Delivered, sold and supported by VMware as an on-demand service, and running on elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure, VMware Cloud on AWS is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, the unified SDDC platform that integrates vSphere, VMware vSAN and VMware NSX virtualization technologies. With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can quickly derive business value from use of the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience.

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About CloudVelox

CloudVelox is an award-winning pioneer in cloud automation and orchestration software designed to automate workload mobility and optimization between the data center and public clouds. Led by a deeply experienced team of system software, security, and networking executives, CloudVelox gives data center teams the ability to reduce business risk and increase IT productivity and resilience with a single solution based on an application blueprint-centric approach.

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