ClearEdge3D Releases Rithm v1.9

DENVER, CO, Dec 2, 2020 – Creating concrete floor flatness/floor levelness (FF/FL) analyses and reports just got faster and easier with the release of Rithm 1.9 from ClearEdge3D. The software, which analyses the flatness and levelness of recently poured concrete slabs, boasts a 4X improvement in processing time and a substantially improved ASTM workflow that guides users through the complex E1155 reporting process. For many concrete slab projects, proper floor flatness and levelness is a critical requirement of the job specification. Manual methods of determining FF/FL, such as the Dipstick, are expensive and can take days to create. The Rithm software was designed to eliminate manual guesswork and reduce reporting time from days to just minutes. This means that mistakes can be remediated while the concrete is still wet.

“This new version of Rithm greatly reduces the confusion and difficulty of producing ASTM E1155 compliant FF/FL reports by using guided dialogs to walk users through the complex analysis workflow. In addition, the 1.9 version offers an automated debris filter, heatmap subsampling, cut and fill volumes and improved contour features such as block out, cleaning and filtering routines.”

“This new version of Rithm is a huge improvement in usability and speed,” said Michael Burenkov, vice president of product management for ClearEdge3D. “We spent many hours speaking with users in the concrete construction industry to understand precisely what they need in a QA/QC tool. Rithm 1.9 is a reflection of those user discussions with software that dramatically improves their workflow for slab FF/FL analyses.”

In addition to FF/FL analysis, the software can also analyze beam camber, ADA ramp slope, and more.

About ClearEdge3D 

ClearEdge3D is a global technology leader in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry, offering advanced software solutions that help firms model existing conditions and verify that recently completed work has been constructed correctly. The company’s EdgeWise software dramatically speeds labor-intensive 3D modeling workflows by utilizing advanced automated feature extraction and assistive modeling technology. Its Verity construction verification software compares point cloud data of recently completed work against a design or fabrication model, flagging any out-of-tolerance or poorly installed elements.

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