ClearEdge3D Integrates Verity with BIM Track

MANASSAS, VA, Nov 28, 2018 – ClearEdge3D is excited to announce the public availability of its integration between Verity construction verification software and BIM Track’s Web-based collaboration platform for BIM coordination. This new collaboration allows AEC professionals to publish field mistakes found by Verity into BIM Track and assign the issues to specific team members to ensure quick resolution of the problems.

BIM Track’s 3D viewer showing view pinpoint of an out-of-tolerance structural element detected by Verity

“This integration combines two best-in-class solutions to provide seamless management of installation errors for our customers. With BIM Track, we have an end to end process for finding mistakes in the field, documenting them, and validating that they either get fixed in the field or fixed in the as-built models. This enables project teams to adapt to changes in the field proactively without incurring schedule delays, and to hand over accurate as-builts to their owners at the completion of the project.” – Kelly Cone, vice president of Product Management, ClearEdge3D

Verity enables our customers to use an as-built laser scan to rapidly check 100% of the installed work by automatically comparing design or fabrication models to the as-built point cloud to determine the installation status and flag out-of-tolerance work. After a quick review, any issues that require follow-up can be published in bulk to BIM Track with one click. From there, BIM Track’s industry leading collaboration and coordination management tools close the gap between finding and resolving mistakes.

The Verity and BIM Track integration allows users to obtain valuable insights when analyzing and resolving issues with their team. They can examine these issues within the context of the model, see them from the multiple views Verity offers: plan, section, elevation and 3D isometric and in all authoring applications BIM Track supports like Tekla, ArchiCAD and more. All the data captured by Verity is also added into the BIM Track issue description and can be summarized in HTML reports for conveniently documenting and sharing findings with key stakeholders.

“We are really excited about this new integration and our partnership with ClearEdge3D. Combining the strength of the world’s leading point cloud verification software, Verity, with BIM Track powerful issue tracker will certainly improve the workflow of our common users from issues discovery to issue resolution.” – Carl Veillette, head of product, co-founder, BIM Track

About BIM Track

BIM Track is the issue tracking platform that empowers teams with improved coordination communication. It can be accessed using a browser, or directly in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures & more using openBIM workflows. Charts and graphics help understand data and manage your performance through precise metrics at both a project and user level. BIM Track is developed by BIM One Inc.

About ClearEdge3D

ClearEdge3D is a global technology leader in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry, offering advanced software solutions that help firms model existing conditions and verify that recently completed work has been constructed correctly. The company’s EdgeWise software dramatically speeds labor-intensive 3D modeling workflows by utilizing advanced automated feature extraction and assistive modeling technology. Its Verity construction verification software compares point cloud data of recently completed work against a design or fabrication model, flagging any out-of-tolerance or poorly installed elements.

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