CL3VER Export Revit Plug-in Available in Autodesk Apps Store

CL3VER_logoPALO ALTO, CA, Nov 26, 2014 – CL3VER has launched its new Autodesk Revit Export App on the Autodesk Exchange Apps store. The CL3VER export app is designed to allow architects and engineers to create interactive 3D presentations for desktop and mobile devices from Revit 3D models. CL3VER presentations enable architecture firms to present their projects and designs in a compelling new way involving clients and stakeholders more closely and enabling them to play a more active part in the design process for concept design, construction reviews, proposals and change management. Changes and updates to the presentation can be made easily, enabling feedback from the client to be incorporated and shared within minutes.


CL3VER is a cloud based authoring platform to create immersive, interactive 3D presentations that enable architecture firms to present their 3D Revit projects for web and mobile devices

The Autodesk Exchange Apps store is a portal to the Autodesk Revit software ecosystem, providing access to plug-ins that allow designers to find and immediately download solutions to some of their more pressing design challenges, specifically interactive 3D visualization. Autodesk Exchange Apps include apps for 18 Autodesk products including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya. Customers access The Autodesk Exchange Apps store both directly on the Web and from within Autodesk products, making it a highly convenient resource.

From within the Autodesk Revit environment, the CL3VER export app exports the 3D model with its geometry, hierarchy, materials and textures into the CL3VER editor with a single click.

“We welcome CL3VER as a participant in the Autodesk Exchange Apps store. The CL3VER App is a great add-in for people using Revit that want to quickly and easily deliver their customers a stunning presentation of their projects via the Web,” said Jim Quanci, senior director of the Autodesk Developer Network.

Daniel Iborra, CTO at CL3VER commented the release of the App “The close relationship we have with many leading architectural firms such as Blue Marble, lead us to develop the Revit plugin to support the majority of their projects with immersive experiences on any device.”

George Matos, principal at Blue Marble said, “CL3VER creates an incredibly powerful 3D experience for the client or stakeholder, enabling them to engage with the visualization from every angle and interact with the model in their own way. CL3VER is a useful 3D platform early on in the design, during exploration of the spatial layout of the project and a rough concept, and later for presentations, either as part of a proposal to sell the design, or as part of a marketing effort to sell the facility to potential buyers.”

About CL3VER

CL3VER provides a cloud based platform for interactive 3D presentations for the Web and mobile devices. CL3VER presentations helps professionals in the AEC and Manufacturing industry to engage customers and stakeholders with the power of 3D and the usability of the Web.

The company is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with offices in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit

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