CGS Labs Releases Autopath PRO

PORTLAND, OR, June 21, 2017 – As an industry leading developer of civil engineering and AEC software (BIM/CAD), a longtime member of the Autodesk Developer’s Network, and a BRICSYS partner, CGS Labs has introduced Autopath PRO a new addition to their line-up of innovative software solutions for swept path analysis and vehicle turning simulation.

Besides supporting the latest AutoCAD 2018 and BricsCAD v17 platforms, Autopath PRO features some major improvements and functionality upgrades.

Enhanced swept path analysis and vehicle turn animation
Continue existing EasyDrive simulation

To continue a previously created swept path analysis is now possible and easy with the function Continue EasyDrive. This command allow users to make all maneuvers in forward and reverse directions, to see vehicle parameters and to have dynamic turning prediction previews through the created path analysis.

Copy/Move existing simulation

After having created a swept path analysis using any of the specified methods in Autopath, the user has options for copy and move path analysis. Animation for copied/moved analysis is also available like for the based path analysis.

Improved Animation functionality

User can animate each of the created swept path analysis. This function allows users to preview simulations, put vehicle in desired position on the route, capture vehicle or to draw a vehicle trace.

Collison detection in horizontal and vertical swept path analysis

Reviews for vehicle collision detections between the vehicle routes and/or other line objects are available for horizontal and for vertical swept path analysis. This function is also supported with dynamic refreshing through editing the existing path analysis.

Automatically measure maximum swept path width

This functionality provide users with automatic labelling reports for the maximum vehicle swept path width. Users can also make adjustments to a vehicle’s path through manipulation of points along the vehicle route, then the measurements and label maximum swept path width will be automatically refreshed.
Dynamic swept path analysis reports
Vehicle profile extended vehicle data added

The vehicle profile report has been expanded with vehicle data specified by the country vehicle library. Now when inserting a vehicle profile into the project the vehicle data appears below the profile.

Dynamic steering wheel report accessible from ribbon

User interface is improved adding the command Report for inserting dynamic steering wheel report. Directly from the ribbon users can insert reports for path analysis created in their drawing.

Advanced custom and specialized vehicles editing
Vehicle library selection option added to vehicle library

Now in one dialog box you have better previews and selection options for vehicle libraries. After selecting wanted vehicle library you have previews for all vehicle parameters.

Add custom vehicle option added to ribbon

Adding a new vehicle is now easier with a new Add command located on the ribbon. You can share newly created vehicles or updated vehicles with your colleagues because Autopath supports import/export vehicle capabilities.

Google Maps Import

Autopath PRO features functionality for importing raster and elevation data into a DWG drawing at a click of a mouse.

Select location, adjust zoom to the desired area to be imported, check whether you want to import Raster, Elevation data or both and select the appropriate country specific coordinate system. Data is seamlessly inserted into your drawing and can be used to perform the swept path analysis. Users have the option to request additional country specific coordinate systems if they are not yet included in the list.

Extensive customer support options
Updated Getting started videos and Help content

Autopath is quick and easy to use, because we’ve prepared Getting started video tutorials. We also provide additional written technical documentation and a Help feature which is integrated into the software. CGS Labs also organizes and provides free online courses, webinars and presentations.
New Feedback and Support access options

Feedback and Support options are located on the ribbon and provide users a better experience for using the software. Users can now send feedback and request technical support from our support team.

Autopath LT also available

Autopath is now available in a cost effective but still very capable Autopath LT package. Autopath LT is intended for customers that don’t need all of the specialized features in Autopath PRO but still need a reliable and proven software to perform swept path analysis and vehicle turn simulations. For functionality comparison between Autopath PRO and Autopath LT click here.

Find out more

For a detailed description of Autopath’s features, as well as tutorial videos, please visit


Autopath PRO is designed to work on top of the latest versions of Autodesk 2018 AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Map 3D, as well as BricsCAD v17. Autopath PRO also supports several older versions of these platforms.

About CGS Labs

Founded in 1990, CGS Labs is a leading developer of BIM / CAD software solutions and tools in the fields of transportation, infrastructure and AEC. CGS Labs is developing and providing a family of professional high-end civil engineering applications for the design of roadways (Plateia), railways (Ferrovia) and river engineering works (Aquaterra) as well as Civil 3D software tools for civil engineers and architects. CGS Labs also develops OEM and customized CAD and BIM software solutions for different companies as well as software vendors such as Autodesk Inc., Transoft, Symetri (CAD-Q), DHI, … CGS Labs software solutions are used every day by customers in more than 30 countries all over the globe.

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