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Chordant, Orange Partner for IoT Device Management

WILMINGTON, DE, Oct 21, 2019 – Chordant announced a collaboration with Orange, the French multinational telecommunications company, on oneM2M based IoT device management (DM) applications. This solution — showcased at the ETSI IoT Week from October 22-24 in Sophia Antipolis, France — demonstrates how a lightweight DM application can run on constrained IoT devices such as the Atmel, Arduino or Adafruit. Constrained IoT devices have lower memory and processing power and are designed to ensure efficient operation and a long battery life. Through this solution, constrained devices can still be managed by mobile network operators such as Orange. For example, mobile operators can manage communication order giving the priority to critical healthcare or public safety data over the less critical parking space information.

Device management, sitting at the core of all wireless networks, allows remote functions such as firmware updates and other capabilities to be handled reliably and efficiently.

This key feature of Chordant’s 3GPP-compliant Service Capability Server (SCS) includes support for open standards protocols and implementations like oneM2M, the Lightweight M2M protocol from Open Mobile Alliance (OMA LWM2M), and the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (BBF USP). “This solution shows how a constrained IoT device could be provisioned, highlighting the lightweight programming efficiencies,” said Mika Rasinkangas, president of Chordant. “Furthermore, this framework enables an application to be developed and tested on a development platform like Raspberry Pi and then easily ported to commercial IoT devices.”

Chordant will also provide opportunities for ETSI IoT Week attendees to explore its other innovations including:

  • A testing framework based on an open source oneM2M sensor software and hosted on a cellular platform defined by the oneM2M Alliance.
  • Chordant’s oneM2M compliant SCS interworking with Definition Networks 3GPP Release 15 compliant Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF).
  • Presentation by Bob Flynn, Member of the Technical Staff at Chordant, on how oneM2M implements capabilities for cellular IoT devices that ensure efficient network operations according to GSMA guidelines.

About Chordant

Chordant is a global company passionate about innovation and a standards-based approach that stimulates thriving global IoT ecosystems for mobile operators. Solutions powered by the Chordant platform address the fundamental challenges in Smart City deployments. Like a perfect chord of musical notes, the Chordant platform brings harmony to diverse devices, data and services. We have created one of the largest Smart City deployments, integrating hundreds of transport data sources into a transport data marketplace. Their Smart City solutions have also been recognized by leading analyst firms and organizations.

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Q-Matics Partners with Suntech

to Offer a Single Payment IoT Device Model

ORLANDO, FL, Oct 17, 2019 – Q-Matics, LLC, the Telematics Service Provider and bespoke IoT development arm of wireless distribution leader Quality One Wireless, last week announced their strategic partnership with Suntech US to offer a single payment IoT device model.

Q-matics’ single payment models are 25% less expensive than equivalent competitive devices, and utilize Suntech US hardware

Q-matics’ single payment models are 25% less expensive than equivalent competitive devices, feature no recurring contract or fees to be held captive to, and come with a fully baked SDK. Hardware is currently available in OBD devices (LTE and 3G), wired devices (3 axis accelerometers, 4 inputs, 3 outputs), and asset/trailer rechargeable tracking devices (all with 3G, LTE Cat-M1, and NB-IoT options).

“Suntech has truly thought through their product offering, and their supporting software and provisioning tools needed by telematic service providers to get to market and support end users made our partnership an obvious decision for Q-Matics,” said Jeff Williams, president of Q-Matics. “Suntech relies on our distribution partners to represent what we believe is a best in class offering for telematic service partners and hardware distribution groups. Q-Matics brings decades of channel relationships to markets where we believe the Suntech suite of products will be well received,” said Rob Martin, president of Suntech US.

For more information, or to get connected with Q-matics about their single payment IoT devices, visit Q1’s site at

About Q-Matics

Q-Matics, LLC has been Telematics Service Provider for more than 10 years, serving the needs of large and small fleets with our own end-to-end solutions. For large or unique projects, we are a bespoke development shop with in-house engineers backed by decades of experience.

About Q1

Q1, LLC  is a global leader in wireless distribution, providing complete solutions to mobile device manufacturers (OEM/ODM), US carriers, retailers and consumers. Founded in 1993 by its predecessor, Quality One Wireless, LLC, and headquartered in Orlando, FL, Q1 is a minority-owned company. Unlike other wireless industry suppliers, Q1 manages the entire wireless device product life cycle from product development to channel distribution.

About Suntech US

Based in the epicenter of Telematics for North America, Suntech US is focused on providing advanced technology for its growing number of solution providers. Established in 2017, Suntech US enables turnkey mobile asset and best-in-class vehicle fleet management through its partners across the USA and Canada. Suntech US prides itself for the ability to offer the best product quality, competitive pricing, quick time to market, and customizable configurations.