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Stratasys Partners with NOCTI

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN & REHOVOT, Israel, Dec 7, 2023 – Stratasys Ltd., a leader in polymer 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, announced that it has received third-party validation from the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) for its first-ever Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Process Certification. This recognition from NOCTI, the nation’s leader in career and technical education, marks a monumental step towards strengthening education and building competent workforces in the field of additive manufacturing.

Empowering the Next Generation of Additive Manufacturing Experts

The partnership between Stratasys and NOCTI signifies a pivotal moment for students and professionals looking to embark on careers in additive manufacturing. The NOCTI certification ensures that students, both traditional and non-traditional, receive industry-endorsed skills and are equipped with the knowledge and proficiency required to excel in this rapidly evolving field.

Additionally, schools that achieve FDM certification can more easily apply for funding opportunities, paving the way to expand their offerings of additive manufacturing courses, thereby creating even more learning opportunities for students.

Certification Creates Opportunities for Higher Education

As part of this partnership, NOCTI is introducing a general FDM certification exam, designed to evaluate competencies and skills related to materials, design and fabrication, software processing, and post-processing. This certification will be particularly valuable for schools offering additive manufacturing courses, as it will serve as a benchmark for excellence in 3D printing education.

“NOCTI is dedicated to working with like-minded organizations committed to developing competent workforces that are prepared for the challenges and innovation of tomorrow,” remarked Kathleen McNally, CEO at NOCTI. “Our partnership with Stratasys means we are working hand-in-hand with an industry leader to validate skills and empower both workers and employers in the world of additive manufacturing.”

“Stratasys is committed to advancing the additive manufacturing industry by not only providing cutting-edge technology but also by ensuring that students and professionals receive industry-recognized skills,” said Rich Garrity, chief industrial business unit officer, Stratasys. “Our collaboration with NOCTI signifies a profound commitment to education and workforce development, enabling individuals to thrive in the world of 3D printing.”

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About Stratasys

Stratasys is leading the global shift to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart and connected 3D printers, polymer materials, a software ecosystem, and parts on demand, Stratasys solutions deliver competitive advantages at every stage in the product value chain. The world’s leading organizations turn to Stratasys to transform product design, bring agility to manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care.

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SPEE3D Appoints Adam Lewis as Chairman of Board

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec 7, 2023 – SPEE3D, a leading metal additive manufacturing company, announced the appointment of Adam Lewis as the chairman of its Board of Directors. He is preceded by Grant Anderson, who will be retiring.

Adam Lewis and Byron Kennedy

Adam has built a distinguished career and will bring that expertise to SPEE3D as the company looks to provide its patented cold spray additive manufacturing technology to customers worldwide. Adam was previously at McKinsey & Company for 20 years rising to Senior Partner of Australia and New Zealand. He served a wide range of clients worldwide with a focus on strategy and industrial and manufacturing engineering.

“We are delighted to have Adam Lewis lead our Board of Directors,” said Byron Kennedy, CEO of SPEE3D. “With his extensive background in industrial manufacturing, Adam adds a valuable perspective that will enhance our capabilities and contribute tremendously to our success.”

Adam holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Curtin University, Western Australia, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. His career has included engineering roles at Randata, PKE Radio and TV broadcast technology, and the National Centre for Supercomputer Applications (USA).

“I’m honored to be joining SPEE3D as Chairman of the Board,” said Adam Lewis. “I am looking forward to collaborating with the team at SPEE3D to help drive the continued success of this exciting, innovative company. SPEE3D’s recent announcement of supplying 3D printers to Ukraine through the United States and Australian military is just one example of the growth this company is currently experiencing, and the powerful potential of its technology.”

Adam has been an active investor and board member for over a decade. He currently serves as chairman of Palette Pty Ltd, Chairman of Southern Innovation, chairman of Deliciou Pty Ltd, chairman of HPS Technology, and Board member of SelfWealth Pty Ltd and the State Library of Victoria, bringing a unique combination of leadership, vision, and expertise to the boardroom.

About SPEE3D

SPEE3D is a leading metal additive manufacturing technology company dedicated to the research, development, and delivery of metal 3D printers and integrated systems utilizing its patented cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM) technology. As a result, SPEE3D’s product portfolio enables significantly faster production than traditional metal manufacturing for a wide range of metals, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and aluminum bronze.

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Varishapes Partners with AMFG

LONDON, UK, Dec 4, 2023 – AMFG has announce that Varishapes is partnering with AMFG to implement their award-winning MES software and Instant Quote tool to rapidly respond to customers’ CNC and additive manufacturing needs.

Varishapes, a prominent Portuguese company, specializes in delivering on-demand industrial 3D printing and CNC services. Leveraging extensive expertise in FDM, SLA, and CAD design, Varishapes prioritizes exceptional service tailored to clients’ unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and rapid quoting process.

Varishapes operates through a streamlined workflow allowing customers to effortlessly upload their 3D models onto our versatile automatic quoting platform, supporting diverse file formats such as STL, STEP, 3MF, OBJ, and more. For those without a model, Varishapes offers personalized solutions tailored to individual requirements. Their comprehensive Guidelines for 3D printing serve as a valuable resource for optimal practices.

Recognizing the urgency in meeting client needs, Varishapes needed a solution to streamline their production process and to swiftly complete orders and provide quick quotes. Varishapes’ founder João Tomás Afonso stated: “AMFG became the solution, revolutionizing our workflow and enhancing client interactions.”

Instead of manual collation that often consumes time and effort, AMFG’s Instant Quote tool employs advanced algorithms aligned with Varishapes’ existing quoting logic. This streamlined approach enhances Varishapes’ quoting capacity while maintaining the high quality of customer interactions. Varishapes seamlessly integrates its email system with the tool, enabling the swift transformation of email RFQs into quotes through our efficient ticket function.

Commenting on the partnership, João Tomás Afonso explained: “AMFG stood out as the all-in-one solution we needed for a streamlined and customer-friendly process. AMFG encompasses all the essential features for a front-facing app integration on our website. Its comprehensive capabilities not only enhance the user experience but also provide a seamless avenue for payments and order placement.”

Distinguished by in-house production capabilities, Varishapes offers bespoke solutions, swift turnaround times, and an extensive range of materials and colors to meet diverse needs. This approach enables Varishapes to cater efficiently to each client’s specifications and ensures a superior level of service.

Upon upload, customers enjoy the freedom to choose printing technology, material, color, infill, and quantities, ensuring a customized experience. Varishapes specializes in handling a wide range of orders, from standard prints to intricate CNC machined parts, meeting diverse manufacturing needs.

Since its implementation, AMFG’s software has had instant benefits for Varishapes’ workflow and production processes. As João Tomás Afonso highlighted: “Our business has experienced a significant improvement in handling direct orders from clients. The streamlined process has not only enhanced efficiency but also allowed us to more effectively promote our services. Now, we can seamlessly manage client orders and efficiently market our offerings.”

AMFG’s Technical Consultant, Robert Steele, commented on the successful partnership: “Joao Tomas and the Varishapes team are front runners and early adopters of new technology. They produce high-quality parts and provide a high level of customization and options for 3d printing. Their workflow, quick production time, and great customer service will surely push them to be successful with AMFG. The instant quoting tool and the email automation will help Varishapes continue to grow!”

About AMFG

AMFG is a leading provider of MES software for manufacturing. Their software solutions empower manufacturers, allowing them to manage their workflows and achieve streamlined, automated processes.

With over 500 successful implementations in 35 countries and across a range of industries, we specialize in enabling companies to successfully integrate our software for AM and CNC production, into their wider manufacturing processes and scale their AM operations.

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Gilmour Space Selects EOS for Additive Manufacturing

GOLD COAST, Australia, Nov 30, 2023 – Australian launch services company, Gilmour Space Technologies, has selected EOS to be its additive manufacturing (AM) partner as it transitions from research and development (R&D) and prototyping, to launch and manufacturing.

Representatives from Gilmour Space, EOS Asia Pacific and Additive Australia

The Queensland-based company is months away from attempting Australia’s first sovereign orbital launch from the Bowen Orbital Spaceport in the state’s north, and plans to increase its launch cadence in the coming years.

This project is part of the Australian Space Manufacturing Network, which is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

David Doyle, program manager for Launch Vehicles at Gilmour Space, said: “We are excited to work with EOS and Additive Australia to enhance the in-house manufacturing capability for our Australian-made orbital launch vehicles and satellites.”

Terrance Oh, senior vice president, EOS Asia Pacific, said: “It is really quite amazing to see the rapid innovation from organizations like Gilmour Space. Metal additive manufacturing allows for generative design and fast production, and now we are seeing the rules for developing space launch vehicles rewritten. We are thrilled to play a part of Gilmour Space’s ride to deliver satellites to low Earth Orbit.”

Kevin Hazlehurst, director at Additive Australia, said: “Through our partnership with EOS we are proud to have worked with the Gilmour Space team to establish their metal AM facility, and we look forward to supporting them in their transition from prototyping to manufacturing.”

About Gilmour Space

Gilmour Space Technologies is a leading Australian space company developing Eris orbital launch vehicles and G-Sat microsatellite platforms; and launching from the Bowen Orbital Spaceport in north Queensland. Commercial operations begin in 2024.

About Additive Australia

Additive Australia are the authorized sales and service partner of EOS in Australia and New Zealand. Their specialist team provide customers with complete advice and support to ensure that informed decisions are made and that the capabilities of the technology are fully leveraged.

About EOS

EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes, EOS is deeply committed to fulfilling its customers’ needs and acting responsibly for their planet.

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