CAS Announces Novus DigiRail Connect Distributed I/O Module

CAS Dataloggers announced the Novus DigiRail Connect, an intelligent, distributed I/O module that can be used to expand data logging and data acquisition systems. A built-in Ethernet port allows it to act as a Modbus TCP server to send data over the network. This product features mixed analog and digital inputs and outputs, which accept a variety of standard sensor and signal types including thermocouples, RTD’s, voltage, and 0-20 mA current.

It also has an RS-485 serial interface which allows it to be used as a slave device in Modbus RTU networks or as a gateway between Modbus TCP and Modbus 485 networks. The product is configurable through its USB interface. The DigiRail Connect is designed to meet electromagnetic compatibility standards in industrial environments.


  • 2 Isolated Analog Inputs & Outputs
  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • 3 Digital or 2 Relay Outputs
  • Modbus TCP Server, Modbus RTU Slave
  • 10-36 VDC Power Input
  •  -20°C to 60°C Operating Range
  • DIN Rail Mount

For more information, visit CAS Dataloggers website.

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