Cannon Design, Perkins+Will Selects ViewAQC 2018 for BIM

NAPLES, FL, Oct 20, 2017 – Both Cannon Design & Perkins+Will now have ViewAQC 2018 available firm-wide for their large & multi-model Revit projects. ViewAQC 2018 was developed by 26 Degrees Software to allow Revit team members to manage and reference views from any Revit model into any other Revit model. Cannon Design has successfully used ViewAQC for the past five years designing & documenting the largest single construction, 14,000 room hospital project in North America called Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). See here for more information.

Christine Cavataio, CHUM senior project manager & senior vice president, Cannon Design explains: “Our project team of 180+ Revit users working on 41 Revit models in 10 CannonDesign offices around the world needed a tool to reference common details from model to model. ViewAQC provided a QAQC workflow that leveraged the management of sheet view callouts across a 6,000 sheet, Phase 1 architectural package set. Due to the pace of the project, we did not have the time to manage Revit callouts by “duplicating” views within each model. ViewAQC was and remains a brilliant solution for managing multi-model callouts in Revit and the reason it’s being used firmwide at CannonDesign.”

Helen Gorina, LEED Green Associate Digital Practice Manager at Perkins+Will explains: “Our Digital Practice team in collaboration with a Revit project team in our Seattle office initially & successfully piloted ViewAQC. It’s now used on multi-model projects in our Los Angeles and Miami offices. Based on the results of these pilot projects, Digital Practice recommended implementing ViewAQC on large projects where it will be most useful for multiple models and large teams. It works well with distributed teams in multiple offices, making collaboration much easier and is planned for a firmwide implementation this year. Managing details across multiple Revit models can be a time-consuming chore in any Revit project. On a large project with distributed team and multiple models it can become a daunting task and take many hours of coordination. ViewAQC solves this problem of referencing views contained on the sheets in different Revit models. ViewAQC has a robust user interface and project teams find it easy to learn. It has proven itself resilient and includes utilities to check, diagnose, and repair broken links as well as utilities to track changes.”

“We are honored that Cannon Design & Perkins+Will have chosen ViewAQC as part of their BIM QAQC toolset,” says Cyril Verley, RA & director of Sales at 26 Degrees Software. “We developed ViewAQC to enable Revit teams to cross-reference views across multiple Revit models. The reference labels will be automatically updated when the source details are moved to different sheets or their numbers are updated, similar to how it works when a view is moved to a different sheet within the same Revit model.”

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