Calex Electronics Introduces FibreMini Pyrometer

logo_160x52Calex Electronics has introduced the FibreMini, a fibre-optic pyrometer with features that allow accurate temperature readings on metal surfaces in harsh applications.


The following features, provided as standard on all FibreMini models, make non-contact temperature measurement possible in difficult conditions:

  • Fibre optic sensing head withstands up to 200°C ambient temperature, making it ideal for mounting near furnaces.
  • Containing no electronics, the FibreMini sensing head is immune to electromagnetic interference in high-EMC applications such as induction heating.
  • Achieve accurate readings when measuring reflective objects in hot environments such as furnaces, with reflected energy compensation. On Modbus models, adjust this setting automatically on-the-fly using RS485 Modbus communications.
  • Laser sighting light illuminates the measurement area, showing both the size and location of the measured spot.
  • Temperature display with data logging. A choice of 4-20 mA or RS485 Modbus outputs is available.
  • Fully configurable via touch screen.

A choice of optics for measuring small or large areas at short or long distances is available, as is a choice of temperature ranges from 250°C to 2000°C.

It can feed the sensing head through conduit and trunking, thanks to the slim, flexible fiber optic cable. This is available in lengths of 3, 5 or 10 meters. An optional air purge collar is available to help keep the lens clean.

For more information, visit Calex Electronics website.

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