CAD Software Releases High Speed WebGL

WIDNAU, Switzerland, Mar 15, 2018 – CAD Software Solutions has released the High Speed WebGL for large assemblies and complex designs as a part of the Spare Parts Place Toolkit AddIn for Autodesk Inventor.

It is a common way to present CAD Designs in a native HTML webpage using WebGL and Threejs. But especially large Assemblies and sophisticated Designs can slow down loading and rendering times dramatically – this circumstance can make a successful product presentation impossible.

With a modified version of Threejs, it is possible to directly read and render the CAD Software Solutions native file format. Depending on the geometric design and file size, the speed difference may be a factor of 10 to 100 for loading and rendering the same 3D geometry on the end users device. With the options for simplifying, optimizing and structuring of large CAD assemblies with the SparePartsPlace Technology, WebGL has great potential for new applications, ideas and use cases.

Thanks to the many direct interfaces, the Spare Parts Place Toolkit can easily handle files from CATIA, UG NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, STEP, IGES, etc. Large Assemblies also participate from the easy to handle geometry optimization options of Spare Parts Place Toolkit, whereby the main focus is always based on highest visual quality by a minimum of file size.
An example of a direct comparison between OBJ and native SPP file format of an assembly with 845 individual parts can be found here:

For more Information visit or contact CAD Software Solution (Switzerland) at

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