CAD Schroer Ships M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping v2.2

CADSchroer_logoCAMBRIDGE, UK and PITTSFORD, NY, Jan 13, 2017 – M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping is a software program that has been developed specially for pipeline construction, it facilitates the automatic creation of unscaled Piping Isometrics drawings from 3D pipeline model data. The new, improved, version 2.2 of M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping is now available.

M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping is the new Piping Isometric software for PTC Creo users

M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping is the new Piping Isometric software for PTC Creo users

Piping Isometric software for Creo Piping users

M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping uses pipeline data from Creo to automatically create unscaled Piping Isometrics, including dimensions, notes and parts lists. “The unscaled approach is key,” says Mark Simpson, product line manager at CAD Schroer, “because it enables us to depict pipe spools of all sizes, lengths and complexities on a single sheet. This cannot be achieved using a normal scaled drawing of the 3D pipeline model”. Furthermore, the fully-integrated software draws up a complete bill of materials itemizing all of the components that are needed to manufacture the pipeline. This is complemented by a list of pipe spools that need to be pre-fabricated prior to transportation.

New Version delivers more flexibility 

With the new version 2.2 of M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping, Piping Isometric drawings can be created quicker and easier than before. The software now generates piping Isometrics from 3D pipeline models that have been created either with or without pipe specification data. In addition, the new version provides the capability to select multiple pipelines and generate Piping Isometrics for each of them in one continuous run.

Configuration when required

The new version 2.2 comes equipped with default isometric symbols which are used when unknown components are detected in the 3D pipeline model (a common occurrence with non-spec driven applications). This enables the generation of Piping Isometric drawings in those cases. The user can then add additional symbol to component mappings and/or custom symbols, and regenerate the Piping Isometric drawings if/as desired.

Adding a 3D view

From version 2.2, a scaled isometric view of the 3D pipeline model can be automatically added to the piping isometric drawing. This view is updated with each revision of the isometric drawing. Together, the unscaled and scaled views provide an even clearer visualization when manufacturing the pipeline.

M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo Piping version 2.2 is available now. Further information regarding the software can be found on the CAD Schroer homepage.

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