CAD fx Introduces DeltaPDF for Architects, Engineers

FLINT, MI, Oct 16, 2017 – CAD fx, Inc. introduces  DeltaPDF, a PDF comparison tool to help architects and engineers more efficiently identify differences in their designs. DeltaPDF lets you quickly and easily compare pairs of PDF files – either by way of two folders or multiple-page files – and generate the comparison on-screen or to PNG and PDF formats.

Some key benefits of DeltaPDF are:

DeltaPDF example output

  • Easily identify differences using three, easy-to-read colors
  • Shows the actual changes instead of just highlighting the areas that are different
  • Batch process pairs of PDF files between two folders
  • Compare two PDF files, whether single or multi-page
  • Generates results on-screen, to individual files, or to a multi-page PDF file
  • Set output resolution to optimize speed and fidelity
  • Match up and compare bookmarked pages between two files
  • Identify missing or added pages and ignore files with the same date stamp

“DeltaPDF takes the tedium out of finding those differences between an original and changed set of documents,” according to Matt Pearson, president of CAD fx. “With DeltaPDF, it’s now possible to catch even the smallest differences on large numbers of files before they hit production.”DeltaPDF is available as a single-user license for $195 or $795 for an unlimited network license. A free trial is available for download or a web-based tool is available for comparing files.

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About CAD fx, Inc.

CAD fx is a provider of off-the-shelf and custom solutions addressing a wide range of BIM and engineering problems. For over 25 years CAD fx continues to innovate with desktop and Web-based solutions.

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