B&R Automation Releases X20CP0420 Compact-S Controller

B&R’s latest addition to its Compact-S series is a controller with an integrated switch. With an integrated switch, it enables daisy-chain cabling between network stations.

At a width of 37.5 mm including the power supply, the X20CP0420 is designed to be compact. The controller achieves cycle times down to 4 ms and is equipped with 128 MB RAM and 256 MB internal flash memory. With Ethernet, USB and RS232, the controller offers communication options. An optional CAN bus interface is also available.

X20 I/O modules can be connected directly to the controller. The controller has a built-in power supply for itself and the connected I/O modules. There is no need for a separate power supply module.

For more information, visit B&R Automation website.

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