Best CMMS Releases Optimize FM v2

AUSTIN, TX, Mar 14, 2019 – Best CMMS LLC announced version 2 of its Optimize FM Enterprise Facility Management Solution. This version includes an improved user interface (UI) and dozens of new features designed to improve efficiency, ease-of-use and productivity.

Space Untilization on a Tablet PC -Manage space on-the-go from your tablet

The new Optimize FM delivers the advantages of mixed reality solutions without the complexity and cost. Beyond data-enabling CAD drawings, it provides the ability to overlay data onto images (including 360-degree photographs) allowing users to leverage these capabilities on-location or remotely. Responsive design provides a great user experience on the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

A user definable Dashboard supporting unlimited key performance indicators (KPI), widgets and reports allows each user to immediately be presented with the specific information required to better manage their responsibilities. At a glance, users see the numbers, graphs and charts most relevant to their job and can drill down to greater detail with a single mouse-click. HR can see space utilization and move information, Facilities can see demand and preventive maintenance tasks and Finance can be alerted to costs and allocations.

Optimize FM Key Performance Indicators -View KPIs, graphs and reports from the Dashboard.

Comprehensive security options allow the user experience to be tailored to the unique needs of users at all levels in the organization. A simple point-and-click interface allows for quick setup of rights and roles down to the field level, including Property and Building filters. In some cases, it may seem like people are using different programs, but they are all sharing the same data.

Other enhancements include faster load times, easier data import and export, risk assessment, new reports, regulatory compliance and greater PM scheduling options. The new Data Broker makes it easier to consume data from multiple concurrent external databases – pull in and respond to IoT (Internet of Things), BAC (Building Automation Controls), Human Resources or any other applicable data sources. Combined, these improvements contribute to better resource utilization, reduced costs and a better workplace experience.

“In addition to all the great new features in Optimize FM v.2, one of the most appealing aspects of Optimize FM is the simple pricing model. Unlike most facility management software products, Optimize FM is licensed per concurrent user, not per named user, and all functionality is included in each license – meaning you need a lot less licenses”, says Joe Jurzec, Managing Partner.

About Optimize FM v2

Optimize FM is an integrated suite of facilities applications that provides all facilities professionals an easy to use, easy to acquire, easy to implement, and cost-effective solution to manage their facilities operations. Designed specifically for medium to large size organizations, it supports as many sites or properties as anyone would wish to manage in a single database. Optimize FM is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that may be hosted in-house or by Best CMMS LLC. It currently supports English, Spanish and Italian but may be easily translated to any language.

About Best CMMS, LLC

The Best CMMS team is made up of industry veterans behind some of the most popular facility management software solutions ever sold. Not just a bunch of developers cranking out code, the core design contributors collectively have over 175 years of field experience related to facilities management. They offer all the services (consulting, training, installation, implementation, etc.) required to make a Facilities Management software project a success. Best CMMS LLC also offers the Best CMMS software to organizations requiring more configuration, OS and database options.

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