Bentley’s Design Insights Cloud Service Available

Bentley Systems announces the early access of Bentley’s Design Insights cloud service, a new extension of Bentley’s Scenario Services. Design Insights brings instant insight to the impact of design changes on the performance measures of organizations including project schedule, cost, and safety compliance.

Understand at a glance the ramification of change decisions on organizational and project performance metrics. Image Courtesy of Bentley Systems

Designers and engineers make hundreds of decisions in relative isolation, without fully understanding the impact of these decisions on other disciplines or downstream activities that influence project performance. Bentley’s Design Insights helps project teams make better-informed and more timely decisions that reduce cost overruns and unexpected project delays as insights into the project are gained much earlier.

Design Insights utilizes the common digital engineering iModel created by users of Bentley’s AECOsim Building Designer, OpenPlant Modeler, RAM, STAAD, or Autodesk’s Revit™ to extract insights on key performance metrics for designers, owners, and project managers.

Understand the detail impact to cost of design changes between progressive or alternate designs. Image Courtesy of Bentley Systems

Bentley’s Design Insights enables:

  • Relative estimation of structural safety, cost, and schedule changes between design iterations
  • Heatmaps to identify areas of change between design iterations
  • Practical consideration of multiple design alternatives in parallel

Raoul Karp, Bentley’s VP of product development, analytical modeling, said, “Too often in today’s design world the true impact of important design decisions is not fully understood until construction is well underway. By providing designers, engineers, architects, and owners immediate insight into the downstream ramifications of decisions and tradeoffs to be made during design, team members can make better holistic decisions with the critical information at their fingertips.”

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