Bentley Updates AutoPIPE Vessel

Bentley_NewlogoBentley Systems announces availability of the new Chinese GB-150 code in AutoPIPE Vessel, expanding its commitment to serve the large domestic Chinese market and address the infrastructure needs of the second largest economy in the world. Engineers can now efficiently design static equipment in accordance with Chinese domestic pressure vessel codes, including Chinese wind and seismic codes GB 50009 and GB 50011, respectively.

These new capabilities enable users to:

  • Perform advanced optimization for component and full vessel design in accordance with Chinese GB-150 codes to find the most cost-effective engineering solutions;
  • Design using an extensive database of GB code materials and flange standards;
  • Design for wind and seismic loads in accordance with Chinese GB 50009 and 50011 standards;
  • Generate a comprehensive set of automated load combinations covering a full range of loading conditions including installation, lifting, test, operation, and shutdown, as well as special loadings for transport motion and blast explosions;
  • Produce intelligent 2D drawings and precise 3D i-models that can be viewed using the built-in DGN viewer or used with other Bentley applications;
  • Generate 2D drawings and 3D models created by other applications, such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks;
  • Create bill of materials and cost-estimate reports in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Engineers in China can now achieve compliance with regional and global standards, pressure vessel design codes and regional wind, seismic, wave, and blast-loading codes. They can design for both brownfield and greenfield projects, and shorten design time and rework by eliminating guesswork. Both international bidders for Chinese projects and domestic Chinese companies now have a competitive advantage by offering design capabilities meeting Chinese codes and standards.

Zou Tong, senior equipment engineer and IT manager, Sinopec, said, “With the new GB-150 code incorporated in AutoPIPE Vessel, we now have all the codes that we need. This addition will greatly advance the future of manufacturing and support the ‘Made in China 2025’ plan, which is a very important part of the growing Chinese petrochemical industry.”

Phil Christensen, VP, analytical modeling, Bentley Systems, said, “This extension of AutoPIPE Vessel to assist with Chinese design code compliance exemplifies Bentley’s global approach to product development. We have responded quickly to our Chinese users’ requirements for code compliance in this fast growing market.”

About AutoPIPE Vessel

AutoPIPE Vessel helps engineers quickly create accurate designs for the safe operation of vessels under all loading conditions for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, and air coolers. Users can design faster with fully automatic vessel design optimization, and confidently account for installation and operating conditions. Compliance with many regional standards, including pressure vessel design codes from the past 10 years and regional wind, seismic, wave, and blast-loading codes support global project execution. Engineers can design for both brownfield and greenfield projects, and shorten design time and rework by eliminating guesswork.

View and Download Related Images:

  • Image 1
    Image 1 Caption: Vessel Optimization utilizing GB-150 design standards and GB wind and seismic loading
  • Image 2
    Image 2 Caption: Detailed design with automated drawing creation and 3D iModels for project collaboration

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