BendingStudio Available for AIM CNC Wire Bending Machines

A new software module from AIM, Inc. makes all its equipment compatible with tube and wire production control programme BendingStudio from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

This new release allows even more users in the field of tube and wire manufacturing to benefit from the unified production and quality control interface BendingStudio. Users of AIM machines can now enjoy the effective data handling and interconnectedness that is a hallmark of the BendingStudio package.

BendingStudio is a comprehensive solution for the tube and wire industry that connects process planning and quality control with manufacturing, part inspection with statistical process control. and prototyping with serial production.

The new software update is available immediately and allows users of both BendingStudio with TubeInspect and BendingStudio with Absolute Arm to interface with AIM hardware.

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