Belden Announces Design Upgrades for Delta Robot Joints

Belden Universal, a manufacturer of custom universal joints and mechanical power transmission products, announced that it has recently implemented critical design upgrades to its universal joints for pick and place (Delta) robots. The redesign project was necessitated by industry demand (from both OEMs and end users) for components supporting heavier payloads.

The stainless-steel component is based on Belden’s hybrid design, combining the higher torque capacity of a pin + block joint with the needle bearing’s ability to continuously operate at high speeds with low friction.

The redesign project concentrated on the joint’s center section. It utilizes precision needle-roller bearings with larger outside diameters, making it capable of supporting applications with larger payloads and higher torque requirements. Torsional backlash was minimized according to stringent specifications. Modifications to the yoke’s ear profile resulted in a higher, 55° angle, further supporting precise positioning and orientation of the robotic arms.

For more information, visit Belden Universal website.

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