Balluff Releases BMP Magnetic Position Sensors

The latest additions to the Balluff BMP family of magnetic position sensors combine IO-Link, analog voltage and analog current in a singular device.

The sensors provide continuous linear feedback, detecting and measuring the position of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder rods and actuators through non-ferrous housing walls.

The BMP magnetic position sensors calculate the actual target position of the magnet and output it as a position-dependent analog or IO-Link signal. They deliver signal stability, and the sensors’ size allows for integration in limited installation spaces.

The IO-Link and analog options give the full suite of IO-Link functionality including integrated switch points, internal sensor temperature, fast cycle time, measurement value, and scaling factor and status.

Features include:

  • Analog voltage, current output and IO-Link interface
  • Continuous monitoring of piston position
  • Designed for Industry 4.0 — automatic size change, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Available in 8 different measurement ranges from 32 to 256 mm, in 32mm increments

For more information, visit Balluff website.

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