Balluff Introduces BVS Cockpit Vision Software

The BVS Cockpit software lets users configure and operate Balluff SmartCameras and industrial cameras with a SmartVision controller (or with any machine vision system compatible with Gencam in your facility) without the need for added software.

The cameras and BVS Cockpit software provide vision tools and functions to control and monitor all aspects of machine vision systems. All the functions to set up and operate the cameras are in the BVS Cockpit user interface, which can beĀ  accessed from any common web browser connected to the local network.

For traceability, error-proofing, vision-guided robotics, and other applications.

Key features include:

  • BVS Cockpit software is based on HALCON technology
  • Graphical user interface accessible from a web browser
  • Use web-based application to manage multiple cameras
  • Automatically create results reports, and save and archive images

For more information, visit Balluff website.

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