Balluff Introduces BFS 33M True Color Sensor with IO-Link

Verification of product color is a constant challenge for many industries. Balluff announced the BFS 33M true color sensor with IO-Link that works to provide a solution to this challenge. This sensor is able to detect nuances or shade differences while disregarding surface textures.

Due to the technology, a true color sensor can check only a small spot of color, but it can check this spot fast—up to 1.5 kHz with a range of 400 mm. Unlike a color sensor camera, which will focus on the object’s surface pattern and might cause false readings, the true color sensor will ignore patterns, thus providing more accurate color detection.


  • Configuration and parameterization with IO-Link
  • Configure and store up to 256 true color programs
  • Fiber optic-based, with sensing ranges up to 400mm

About Balluff Inc

Balluff Inc. is the US subsidiary of Balluff GmbH, Neuhausen, Germany. Balluff is a supplier of networked IO-Link control system architectures. Balluff offers a range of intelligent IO-Link and industrial Ethernet sensors in a variety of technologies including inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, and magnetic as well as magnetostrictive linear position sensors, magnetic tape linear encoders, industrial RFID systems, and industrial vision systems.

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