Bachmann Introduces SCT202 M1 Automation Module

bachmann_logoBachmann electronic has extended its portfolio of safety modules with the SCT202 M1 automation module, a speed and position measurement module for safety-related applications, particularly also in the wind sector.

560ffc8c27The SCT202 module eliminates the need for external solutions for safety speed monitoring. The shared use of the acquired measured values for safety-related and non-safety-related automation tasks reduces system costs for procurement as well as for integration, mounting and operation. The SCT202 also comes with two inputs for incremental encoders (HTL, TTL), together with encoder power supply for both voltage signals, two counter inputs as well as two safety-related inputs and outputs each.

The provision of measured values for non-safety-related applications is not bound to the safety cycle. Instead, the Bachmann concept allows the integrated use of the SCT202 in the operational control of a wind turbine. The safety-related digital outputs provided in the module enable a safety-related response in less than 1 ms.

The module also boasts a range of homing methods that it offers for incremental encoders. This not only includes homing with the zero track, but also via digital input, counter input and the linking in the application of input signals that are not acquired by the SCT202. As homing on the SCT202 is implemented with safety signals, it is also possible to measure positions and rotation angles reliably.

The safe, application-related processing of the acquired values in Bachmann’s SLC284 safety controller makes it possible to implement complex scenarios. Possible applications include the detection of overspeed situations, gearbox failure as well as cable twist. With these features, the SCT202 module is equipped to implement the task of safety speed monitoring in wind turbines. The SCT202 was successfully tested by TÜV Süd and has valid certification for SIL 2 / PL d to IEC61508, ISO13849, IEC62061 and IEC61131-6.

For more information, visit Bachmann website.

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