BA Systèmes Introduces GF2 Automated Guided Vehicle

BA Systèmes is launching an AGV dedicated to high production rate environments. Called GF2, this latest AGV in BA Systèmes’ range addresses the particular needs in the food industry and more specifically in the bottling market.

The GF2 is an Automated Guided Vehicle which BA Systèmes’ team has been developing over the last months. This AGV with a special care and focus on performance, ergonomics, safety and integration of the device in its future work environment.

The GF2 has been designed on a modular base, to adapt to several industrial applications and manage:

  • Horizontal transfer and pick-up/drop-off on the floor, on conveyors,
  • Bulk storage.

The GF2 has also been designed for American automatic trailer loading.

The GF2 is designed to optimize pallet transport and it can handle one or two loads simultaneously, side by side. Like other AGVs in BA Systèmes’ range, the GF2 can cover 2 m/s.

Provided with 360-degree front, rear and lateral safety equipment that adapts to the kind of loads the AGV carries, the GF2 can evolve safely within the industrial working environment in cohabitation with operators.

For more information, visit BA Systèmes website.

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