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Sintavia Adds SLM500 Industrial Metal Printer

DAVIE, FL, Sep 18, 2018 – Sintavia, LLC, a leading Tier One metal additive manufacturer, announced that it had acquired an SLM500 additive manufacturing (AM) machine to its vertically integrated in-house supply chain. The SLM500 is a large-scale, multi-laser industrial printer with a build envelope of 500 x 280 x 365mm, and the twelfth machine to be installed at Sintavia for volume production.

“With the addition of the SLM500 we will have doubled our production capacity in the last six months,” said Brian Neff, Sintavia’s CEO at the International Machine Technology Show in Chicago where the agreement was signed. “With a strong increase in customer demand for large-scale parts and faster production speeds, we can operate with no less than a dozen machines to meet capacity demands head-on in our current facility. As we grow into our new facility in Hollywood, FL, our machine capacity will more than double again by the end of next year.”

With the delivery of the SLM500, Sintavia will operate a total of twelve machines in its South Florida facility including five EOS printers (two M400-4s, one M400-1, and two M290s), four SLM printers (one SLM500, two 280HL twin lasers, and one 280HL single laser), two GE Additive printers (one Concept M2 single laser, and one Arcam Q20+), and a TRUMPF TruPrint 3000 laser printer. The company expects to more than double its capacity to 25 machines in 2019 after it moves into its new Hollywood, FL, facility in the spring.

About Sintavia

Sintavia is the global leader for independent metal AM for critical industries, including aerospace & defense, oil & natural gas, automotive, and ground power generation. With high-speed printers co-located alongside precision post-processing equipment, a full complement of mechanical testing equipment, and a full metallurgical and powder laboratory, Sintavia is able to optimize parameters, serially manufacture, and audit quality parts for critical industries. Sintavia is committed to the highest quality standards in the industry, and holds NADCAP, AS9100 Rev. D, ISO17025, and ANAB accreditation, as well as being OASIS registered and ITAR compliant.

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26 Degrees Releases ViewAQC for Revit 2019

NAPLES, FL, Sep 18, 2018 – 26 Degrees Software has announced the release of ViewAQC 2019 for Revit 2019. ViewAQC now includes a “usage” license format, allowing firms to manage all projects firmwide using a single license file. ViewAQC continues to allow Revit team members to manage and reference views from any Revit model into any other Revit model. Firms currently using ViewAQC on projects include:

Cannon Design  /  Chick-Fil-A  /  Gensler  /  HDR  /  HKS  /  IBI Group  /  KCCT NBBJ  /  Perkins+Will  /  Renzo Piano Architects  /  Shop Architects  /  SMRT Inc.

Natalie Madden, BIM leader at Vertical Arts, Inc. explains: “Managing views and view references between linked files was a very labor and time intensive task that was prone to human error.  As is often the case with large projects, computers were being stressed and required the Revit models to be split multiple times throughout the life of the project.  We were not looking forward to the arduous task as we found a significant gap between the gains desired and the gains achieved, in no small part due to the need to create reference views and sheets so view tagging would remain correct.

Then we were introduced to 26 Degrees Software’s ViewAQC. Life in a multi-model BIM project got much better!  The integration of ViewAQC removed the error-prone and laborious task of fake view references from linked models. A simple click of a button and we are also able to tell what model the true information was coming, rather than having to search through all of the models to find it. ViewAQC is so proficient that our entire team could use it in the same model without any issues or overlap due to its nearly instant updating. ViewAQC has become an integral part of our BIM workflow on this project and we cannot imagine returning to the old ways of reference views and sheets in our next multi-model project. ViewAQC continues to be very successful on our massive multi-million SF Revit project.”

Steven Rushmore, BIM/CAD manager at Michael Baker International explains: “We went forward with the purchase of ViewAQC due to how much versatility this product had to offer a multi-building project…All of my concerns and questions were handled professionally, and the price point was fair and non-recurring.”

An architect, associate and BIM leader from one of the Top 50 ENR 2018 Architectural Design Firms explains: “Since we began using it almost ten months ago, we’re finding ViewAQC to be an integral part of our BIM workflow. Starting with a large, complex, multi-model project, our team members now “could not work without it.” It’s efficiency in managing references between linked models is generating interest among our other teams and offices. The 26 Degrees Software team has also been extremely helpful in getting us up-and-running, providing expert support and a seamless integration of the software into our models and addressing any questions and concerns raised by our teams. We have since purchased more seats for another large project and have plans to implement ViewAQC firmwide.”

About 26 Degrees Software LLC

26 Degrees Software LLC provides comprehensive, project-centric and experience-based BIM software & application services to the global architecture, engineering, construction and operation (AEC&O) market. ViewAQC is a QAQC application designed for referencing and coordinating views across multiple models of a Revit project. It manages and references views from any Revit model into any other Revit model. ViewAQC manages callouts in Autodesk Revit 2017, 2018 & 2019, and supports Collaboration for Revit, for any 2D, 2.5D, 3D view types & drafting / detailing views. ViewAQC also increases efficiency for projects of all sizes as they approach construction documentation, allowing a set of best practice details to be quickly and easily incorporated and managed.

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Onshape Partners with BMF Material

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Sep 18, 2018 – Onshape, the leading 3D cloud CAD platform, announced a strategic partnership with BMF Material Technology, a world leader in micro/nano-scale 3D printing and disruptive precision manufacturing. Micro/nano-scale 3D printing is a breakthrough technology now in high demand by manufacturers of extremely small and complex parts such as connectors, endoscopes, cardiac stents and tiny springs.

BMF Material Technology, a pioneer in micro/nano-scale 3D printing, uses Onshape’s cloud CAD platform for real-time collaboration between its team in China and their customers worldwide.

BMF plans to use Onshape’s real-time data management platform to speed up collaboration and communication with its customers, helping them optimize their CAD models for the most accurate printed parts.

“On a daily basis, there are companies all over the world – throughout Asia, Europe and the United States – contacting us for printing small parts with our nanoArch printers,” says BMF’s CEO, Dr. Xiaoning He. “Before using Onshape, we had to email CAD files back and forth with our customers. But now we can have our team in China and our customers overseas work together on the same model at the same time. It has really improved our efficiency and speed, and Onshape is the only CAD system that can deliver this capability.”

As BMF customers collaborate with the company’s additive manufacturing experts to refine their CAD models, Onshape records every edit in a comprehensive history log. By clicking on any point in the timeline, Onshape users can instantly go back to any prior state of the design.

“The edit history log is a huge advantage for us,” adds He. “It speeds up the learning curve for our customers. We’re in the 3D printing business, not the design business. Onshape will help us teach our clients how to deliver better designs the next time.”

“We’re excited to partner with BMF, which is radically changing the way manufacturers make ultra-high precision parts,” says David Katzman, vice president of Strategic Accounts and Business Development for Onshape. “It’s gratifying to not only help BMF achieve their goals, but also help their customers produce better products.”

“This partnership demonstrates how Onshape is much more than a modern cloud CAD system – it’s a full data management platform with CAD built in,” Katzman adds. “We look forward to seeing how the BMF team continues to leverage this advantage for their customers.”

Onshape is the only CAD system to combine advanced 3D modeling tools with design data management in a secure cloud workspace. Its unique database architecture eliminates the security risk and version control problems created by uncontrolled file copies – because only one master copy of the CAD data is stored in the cloud, accessible only by different levels of permissions (edit, view-only, commenting, etc.)

“Onshape gives BMF customers the confidence that their intellectual property is safe. You can’t put a price on that,” says He. “Our customers also appreciate having immediate access to their designs. I just have to add their emails to our account and there is no delay. Onshape helps us collaborate in a very fast and convenient way.”

About BMF

As a pioneer in ultra-high-resolution micro/nano-scale 3D printing, BMF Material Technology is one of the world’s leading companies in precision manufacturing. The nanoArch® printers of BMF produce complex, minute components at high volume with less waste and less cost than traditional high-end precision manufacturing. In addition, the precision of the nanoArch® printers is able to reach a resolution of 2 microns. BMF’s micro-scale 3D printing technology and related products were recognized as one of “10 Breakthrough Technologies” by MIT Technology Review in 2014 and 2015.

BMF’s research-grade 3D printers have been adopted by some of the world’s top scientific institutions, including Masdar Institute in UAE, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Sciences – SINANO, Nanjing University, as well as leading industrial partners. BMF has offices in Boston, Hong Kong and WuXi and Shenzhen.

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About Onshape

Onshape is a modern CAD system that eliminates design gridlock: the constant waiting, distractions, and hassles that prevent engineers from doing their best work. Onshape unites advanced modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. With no files to lose or corrupt, no license keys to manage, and no installed desktop software, Onshape helps engineering teams get out of the IT business so they can get back in the innovation business.

Professional engineers at thousands of companies rely on Onshape to modernize and streamline their product design and manufacturing process. Onshape users in 170+ countries have logged over 5 million hours modeling advanced robotics, biomedical devices, industrial machinery, agriculture equipment, and consumer products. With 1 of 8 sessions occurring on mobile devices, Onshape is the world’s first anywhere, anytime CAD system.

Founded in 2012, Onshape has raised $169 million from Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, North Bridge, and other leading investors. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Onshape leadership team includes the original creators of SOLIDWORKS and other proven leaders in cloud infrastructure, data security, and mobile.

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NLign Analytics Joins ANSYS Solutions Partner Network

CINCINNATI, OH, Sep 18, 2018 – NLign Analytics Inc., the leader in digitizing inspection, maintenance and manufacturing data solutions, announces its selection as an ANSYS Solutions Partner. The NLign Analytics Platform renders vast amounts of process and repair data onto 3D CAD models for faster and more accurate analysis. Tasks that traditionally took days, or weeks, can be completed in hours. As an ANSYS partner, NLign software will be made more readily available to the global ANSYS user community.

NLign analysis tools are saving companies millions of dollars annually by:

  • Streamlining the design/build process
  • Decreasing the lead time to manufacturing
  • Reducing engineering changes
  • Improving first-pass yields
  • Helping to monitor the health of aircraft fleets
  • Aiding root cause analysis
  • Greatly reducing overall program costs

In addition, organizations working toward Model Based Enterprise (MBE) practices are adopting NLign as a core technology that supplies the central fiber of the “Digital Thread.”

NLign Analytics CEO, Tom Sharp comments, “We are naturally excited to be recognized as a valued member of the ANSYS Solutions Partner Program supporting current and future ANSYS users worldwide. Today’s accelerated simulation-driven development and engineering processes are fueled with operating test data. The NLign platform complements ANSYS simulation software by allowing users to pass inspection findings, aligned to the 3D geometry, to ANSYS for analysis. The analysis results generated by ANSYS can then be saved in NLign, tied to the proper 3D location. This allows ANSYS users to increase efficiency to more fully realize the competitive advantages of simulation-driven product development.”

About NLign Analytics

NLign Analytics provides unique, patented software-based solutions used in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft to capture, organize and visualize detailed structural inspection and repair data. The NLign software solution is currently used in aerospace manufacturing applications to improve first-pass yield and increase manufacturing rate. In addition, NLign is used within the US Air Force and US Navy to improve structural maintenance processes to reduce costs and improve aircraft availability. The NLign interactive 3D environment has proven to drive improvements throughout an organization, including improving inspection processes, quality engineering analysis, and material review board processes. NLign Analytics is a division of Etegent Technologies Ltd., a privately held company with offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH.

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