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Gladiator Releases Next-Generation SX2 Inertial Sensors

Gladiator Technologies has released an upgraded product line of low noise, high speed MEMS inertial sensors. The next-generation SX2 line offers major advancements in performance including ARW as low as 0.0018˚/s/√Hz, 600 Hz Bandwidth, up to 10 kHz data rate and digital message delay below 100µs through improvements to Gladiator Technologies’ lightning-fast VELOX processing technology.

Products included in the SX2 upgrade include the G300D Triaxial GyroscopeLandMark 005 IMU, and the LandMark 007 and LandMark 007X IMUs designed for high dynamic applications. Each product offers customers common performance features and unique choices for gyroscope rate up to 2000˚/s and accelerometer range up to 200g.

Each of the SX2 products features Gladiator Technologies’ cutting-edge VELOX technology designed to drive high speed filtered outputs without sacrificing gyro and accelerometer sensor performance.

Gladiator Technologies’ SX2 Products:

Key Features

  • As low as 0.0018°/s/√Hz ARW
  • 600 Hz Bandwidth
  • 075°/s Bias Over Temperature
  • VELOX Processing

Further technical information is available at Gladiator Technologies website;

About Gladiator Technologies

Gladiator Technologies designs, manufactures, ultra low-noise, high performance MEMS-based inertial measurement systems and sensors for aerial, land and marine applications. All design and manufacturing is performed in Gladiator’s factory, certified to AS9100D, NIST-800 Compliant and on path to CMMC Certification.

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