ASSESS 2017 Congress Announced at COFES 2017

ASSESS Initiative_logoCLARKESVILLE, GA, Apr 6, 2017 – ASSESS Initiative, a broad reaching multi-industry initiative with a primary goal to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and effectiveness of Engineering Simulation* announces the ASSESS 2017 CONGRESS at COFES 2017. The vision of the ASSESS Initiative is to bring together key players, both users and developers of simulation software,toguide and influence the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering

* The term “Engineering Simulation” as used by the ASSESS Initiative refers to analysis, simulation and systems engineering technologies and associated usage in the engineering applications domain.

The demand for software tools for Engineering Simulation is exploding to support the demand for increased competitiveness while manufacturers have to deal with rapidly growing complexity of products, processes, and systems. At the same time, engineering organizations are struggling to keep up with the expertise required to meet the current demand. The actual growth in usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation is directly related to the available expertise to effectively use the software tools. This has resulted in an inability to meet the rapidly growing demand for a higher reliance on more realistic virtual Engineering Simulations.

Business drivers are forcing a “simulation revolution” to overcome the shortage in expertise which is limiting the expansion of Engineering Simulation applications and the overall efficiency of development organizations.  Better exploration of simulation will lead to the following advantages:

  • Increase innovation
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce time

“Joe Walsh at intrinSIM and Brad Holtz of COFES are doing an excellent job in marshalling an important analysis, simulation and systems simulation software strategy (ASSESS) initiative with both users and vendors involvement,” says Dr. Keith Hanna, mechanical analysis division director, Mentor Graphics.

ASSESS 2017 is the second annual ASSESS Congress, which will be held November 1-3, 2017 in Potomac, Maryland at the Bolger Center. The ASSESS 2017 Congress is being organized by the ASSESS Initiative to help shape the industry and product strategies for the next decade related to Engineering Simulation to enable the required “simulation revolution”. Those who participate in ASSESS 2017 will be an influential part of the process to shape the industry and product strategies.

Registration for the ASSESS 2017 Congress is now open.

Registration for the ASSESS 2017 Congress is by invitation only and is limited to 150 attendees.Those who have an invitation can register online at and those interested participating who do not yet have an invitation may Contact the ASSESS Initiative to apply for an invitation.


In addition to announcing the ASSESS 2017 Congress at COFES, the ASSESS Initiative will be very active at COFES in several activities to expand upon the key themes outlined by the ASSESS Initiative.

  • Democratization of Engineering Simulation (DoES)
  • Engineering Simulation Confidence & Governance
  • Integration of Systems and Detailed Sub-System simulations (Systems)
  • Alignment of Commercial, Research and Government Efforts (Align)
  • Business Challenges (Business)

The ASSESS Initiative will also be announcing a new ASSESS theme of Generative Design at COFES.

Thursday April 6, 2017 – Special Session: Report from ASSESS

The ASSESS Initiative team will present and update findings, and action items from the working groups of the ASSESS Initiative Advisory Committee related to the ASSESS Themes

Friday April 7, 2017 – 2 Technology Suite Briefings: Update from ASSESS

The ASSESS Initiative will provide an update on that how the ASSESS Initiative is making progress on its mission to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and utility of Engineering Simulation across the full spectrum of industries, applications and users.

Saturday April 8, 2017 – COFES Roundtable: The ASSESS Initiative: Facilitating the Engineering Simulation Revolution

Engineering Simulation is key to improved competitiveness through improved understanding of product and process performance. However, leveraging Engineering Simulation as a business asset is tempered by increasing complexity and the high levels of expertise required. What is the nature of this revolution in Engineering Simulation? What are the drivers behind this revolution? What are the enablers? What are the obstacles? What role do each of us play in this revolution?

About the ASSESS Initiative

The ASSESS Initiative was formed initially by Cyon Research and intrinSIM for guiding and influencing the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering, with the primary objective of expanding the use and business benefit of these tools. ASSESS Initiative LLC was formed in mid-2016 to focus on taking the ASSESS vision forward.

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