AntWorks Introduces ANTstein SQUARE Automation Platform

AntWorks, a provider of artificial intelligence and intelligent automation solutions powered by fractal science, unveiled ANTstein SQUARE, a fullstack solution that enables non-technical business users to automate end-to-end business processes in a scalable manner. An integrated automation platform (IAP), ANTstein SQUARE is a multitenancy solution that allows for maximum bot utilization, understands all types of data, and provides customers with a solution for data curation and building, deploying and managing an AI-enabled smart digital workforce.

This AntWorks solution addresses a variety of business verticals and horizontal applications. That includes banking, healthcare and life sciences, insurance, media and entertainment, mortgage processing, technology, telecommunications, and transportation and logistics businesses. When combined with deep domain, the fullstack allows for deep automation and process-focused industry solutions like tax accounting, title search and trade finance.

ANTstein SQUARE’s use of fractal technology allows it to rely on relatively small data sets to train the engine. Technology helps power ANTstein SQUARE, but people don’t need developer skillsets to use this solution. Anybody can create bots via a drag-and-drop process using ANTstein SQUARE’s library of 106 key pre-coded components and 257 subcomponents.

Once created, ANTstein SQUARE bots are designed to be efficient. One bot can serve multiple roles. AntWorks’ multitenancy feature allows multiple bots to work simultaneously, and with humans, on a single desktop.

AntWorks is pushing the industry to look beyond desktop bot-based task automation. It is bringing operations management principles like workforce management, bot productivity and business process continuity into its platform. The company’s architecture employs a Queen bot to analyze the bot colony. If a bot fails or is not keeping up, the queen can see that and reallocate work in real time.

For more information, visit AntWorks website.

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