ams Releases AS7265X 18-Channel Multispectral Sensor Solution

ams, a supplier of sensor solutions, has launched the AS7265X, an 18-channel multispectral sensor solution.

The 18-channel 3-chip calibrated visible through near-infrared chipset is designed for emerging spectral sensing applications such as horticulture, fluid quality/spectral component analysis and complex spectral identification, including anti-counterfeiting and authentication. This announcement brings the 2017 offerings from the AS726x multispectral sensing products to 4 solution sets, including 6-channel visible, near-IR, true color and 18-channel family members.

The AS7265x chipset consists of 3 6-channel sensor devices, each 4.5 x 4.4 x 2.5mm, in land-grid array packages with integrated apertures. The master-slave-slave architecture appears as a single logical device. The 18-channels span wavelengths from 410 to 940nm with 20nm filter widths.

The AS72651/652/653 chipset is calibrated at the factory, delivering a normalized 35 counts/µW/cm2 across the entire sensed spectrum. Combined with the filter stability over time and temperature, this allows a “calibrated-for-life” design that lowers both components and manufacturing costs, and enables these new application spaces.

The chipset is implemented in a master/slave/slave arrangement, each with six spectral sensing channels. Integrated intelligence enables the calibrated digital output and manages the interface to the host microprocessor via the selectable choice of I2C or UART interfaces. The combined set’s 18 channels are 20nm full-width-half-max, with wavelength centerpoints at 410, 435, 460, 485, 510, 535, 560, 585, 610, 645, 680, 705, 730, 760, 810, 860, 900 and 940nm.

Operating as a 3-chip set, the devices include electronic shutter capabilities with 3 independent 100mA LED drive controls, which means that device designers can accurately control multiple light sources to enhance the spectral sensing functions without added componentry.

For more information, please visit ams website.

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