ams Launches AS 7262, AS 7263 Multispectral Sensors

ams_logoams AG, a provider of sensor solutions and analog ICs, has launched a series of multispectral sensor-on-chip solutions, opening the way for a new generation of spectral analyzers for consumer and industrial applications.

lm76-fda-usda-3a-dairy-slides-02_buOffered in a 4.5 x 4.4mm land grid array package, the AS7262 visible range sensor and AS7263 NIR sensor each provide six calibrated spectral channels. Key solution spaces include material and product authentication, product quality and integrity as well as material content analysis in the near-infrared (NIR) and visible spectrums.

The multispectral sensors employ a fabrication technique which enables nano-optical interference filters to be deposited directly on the CMOS silicon die with extreme precision. This interference filter technology used for the sensors offers extremely precise and reproduceable filter characteristics which are stable over both time and temperature.

The AS7262 six-channel visible light sensor with integrated intelligence provides a calibrated digital output over an I2C or UART interface. It measures light intensity at six wavelengths in the visible light spectrum: 450nm, 500nm, 550nm, 570nm, 600nm and 650nm. The AS7263 operates in the NIR spectrum detecting 610nm, 680nm, 730nm, 760nm, 810nm and 860nm infrared signatures. Both devices include an electronic shutter with LED drive circuitry, which means that device de-signers can control the light source and the spectral sensing functions with a single chip.

The size of the new multispectral sensors combined with their power consumption enable measurement equipment OEMs to develop new product types that take advantage of these attributes. For instance, bulky laboratory-grade analysis equipment can now be replaced by handheld form factors. In factories, samples which today have to be removed from the production line and taken to a laboratory for chemical analysis or quality testing will be tested in-line by spectral analyzers based on the multispectral sensors.

For more information, visit ams website.

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