ams Announces CMV50000 CMOS Image Sensor

ams, a supplier of sensor solutions, announced its CMV50000, a 48Mpixel global shutter CMOS image sensor for demanding machine vision applications, has gone into mass production.

The CMV50000 features a 35mm-format 7920 x 6004 array of 4.6µm-sized pixels based on a eight-transistor pixel architecture. It operates at 30 frames/s with 12-bit pixel depth at full resolution or a binned 4K and 8K modes, and even faster – up to 60 frames/s – with pixel sub-sampling at 4K resolution.

The CMV50000 is designed to provide the detailed views of a large surface area that are required in factory automation applications such as automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment and systems for the inspection of displays of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and TVs.

The ams pixel architecture offers electronic shutter efficiency, and the global shutter operation produces images of fast-moving objects. The sensor offers 64dB optical dynamic range at full resolution and up to 68dB in binned 4K mode. The image sensor implements on-chip noise-reduction circuitry such as black-level clamping, enabling it to capture images in low-light conditions.

Both the monochrome and color versions of the CMV50000 are available in production volumes now.

For more information, visit ams website.

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