AMFG Unveils Supplier Integration Network Tool

LONDON, UK, Sep 27, 2018 – AMFG, a UK-based provider of automation software for additive manufacturing, has launched its Supplier Integration Network to its software platform. The new software feature automates production across the additive manufacturing supply chain by enabling manufacturers to coordinate and engage with their existing network of partners and suppliers through the platform.

AMFG enables manufacturers to maintain a network of partners and suppliers while automating production

The Supplier Integration Network is the latest addition to AMFG’s software platform, which provides production and post-production management tools for additive manufacturing. Following the successful launch of the AI-driven platform earlier this year, AMFG believes the new Supplier Integration Network feature will further enhance its offerings for manufacturers seeking to invest in additive manufacturing. 

AMFG project handling page

“Automating AM production along the supply chain is a key need for the countless companies we’ve spoken with,” explains Keyvan Karimi, CEO of AMFG. “Manufacturers want to be able to automate their AM supply chains without having to deal with endless back and forth emailing or phone calls. Our Supplier Integration Network answers this need and drives efficiency by giving companies a direct way to maintain and engage with a distributed network of suppliers across locations.”

Manufacturers can outsource projects and jobs to external partners and suppliers through AMFG

For example, manufacturers can easily outsource production or post-processing activities to their existing suppliers using the Supplier Integration Network. In this instance, if a company does not have a certain post-processing capability in-house, the project can be automatically outsourced to an external partner directly through the platform — whilst maintaining a streamlined, centralized workflow. Likewise, service bureaus and suppliers using AMFG can use the feature to provide OEMs access to their services with greater ease.

“Manufacturers are looking to scale their additive production effectively and we’re committed to giving them the software infrastructure to do so,” says Keyvan. “Facilitating greater connectivity between all players along the supply chain, through automation, is a large part of this. Our vision with the Supplier Integration Network is also to help companies achieve truly distributed manufacturing by providing a greater level of connectivity along the supply chain through our platform.

“Of course, the Supplier Integration Network feature is designed to be used in conjunction with our other AM solutions, from project management to production planning and more.”

For more information, visit AMFG website.

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