Afinia 3D Offers H400 3D Printer

About the H400 3D Printer

The new Afinia H400 is a culmination of affordability, reliability, and simplicity, making it a perfect option for anyone wanting an easy, out-of-the-box 3D printing experience. With a 4.7” cubed print area, the new printer fits unobtrusively on any desktop, and is extremely portable.

The H400 includes new and improved features, such as wireless connectivity and touch screen control, for more simplified and convenient printing, even from an iPad. Another key feature is power failure protection, which allows the printer to resume printing from where it stopped due to a power failure.

Afinia will begin shipping the H400 in early November 2016. For additional information on the H400, contact Afinia 3D.

Afinia for Educators

“Afinia 3D printers are a popular choice for educators, due to their ease-of-use and reliability, as well as our incredible phone support staff,” said John Westrum, Afinia 3D’s vice president. “The Afinia H400 is a perfect fit for any classroom. With an appealing price point, easy-to-use software, and HEPA air filtration, educators can feel confident bringing the 3D printer into their school.”

Afinia is also announcing the availability of its 3D Printing STEM kits, which support project-based learning in the classroom. STEM kit packs come with student workbooks and a teacher’s guide and are available through Afinia’s education reseller channel or its online store.

About Afinia 3D

Afinia 3D is a division of Microboards Technology LLC, a leader in specialized printing solutions. Their 20-year history includes leadership in disc duplication, labeling, and, most recently, 3D printing. Afinia 3D has gained excellent reputation among the education, engineering, and hobbyist markets for their reliable and award-winning equipment.

More information can be found on their website at, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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