Advanticsys Introduces IIoT Gateway for MPC-330

The latest evolution of the MPC-330 data concentrator was released by Advanticsys. This enhancement converts MPC-330 into an industrial gateway bridging the gap between industry and internet of things (IoT) paradigm.

advticsAdvanticsys adds to its Modbus data concentrator the ability to integrate into any IoT software platform using the Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol.

MQTT is a light-weight M2M (Machine-to-Machine) connectivity protocol able to send data in messages with very low bandwidth requitements.

Within this protocol, three main components can be found:

  • MQTT Broker: is the central element able to receive and forward data.
  • MQTT Publisher: is the data generator. In our case, MPC-330 plays this role.
  • MQTT Subscriber: within this architecture, it represents any hardware, software or even physical person consuming those data.

To the existing features (microSD storage, FTP client/server and csv file generation), MQTT support is added to perform periodic data, real time values with sending period as low as 1 second and notifications and alarms based on registers values Data transmission is done through JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formatted messages.

For more information, visit Advanticsys website.

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