Advanced Micro Releases 3501-HSTP1 Stepper Motor Controller

for Allen Bradley’s SLC500 system

AMCI-LogoAdvanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) has released their 3501-HSTP1 single axis stepper motor controller for Allen Bradley’s SLC500 system. The module is a direct replacement for the Allen-Bradley 1746-HSTP1 motion module for SLC500, which has been discontinued. AMCI specializes in PLC-based Motion Control and is licensed to sell the direct replacement module.  AMCI’s 3501-HSTP1 replacement module is referenced within the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Encompass program.

ab_buAMCI has been Rockwell Automation’s partner for PLC-based motion control products since 1992, and has been manufacturing the original 1746-HSTP1 for Rockwell Automation since 1994 as a private-party manufacturer.

The single-axis 3501-HSTP1 stepper motor controller is designed to control the position and velocity of a stepper motor, and features discrete inputs for functions such as homing and emergency stop. The module can also control a servo system that has been configured to use step and direction inputs.

AMCI’s 3501-HSTP1 is a drop-in replacement for the Allen Bradley 1746-HSTP1. The module behaves just like its predecessor, using the same programming software that customers are used to. There is nothing that needs to be changed when using this as a replacement module.

AMCI’s replacement module shares identical features, programming, and performance of the 1746-HSTP1 motion module.  Sample programs are available on AMCI’s website and can be incorporated into new or existing ladder logic programs.  The 3501-HSTP1 sample programs are written in RSLogix 500.

For more information, visit Advanced Micro Controls website.

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