Admatec, ECN to Launch ADMETALFLEX 3D Printer at AMUG 2017

PETTEN, Netherlands, Mar 14, 2017 – Admatec Europe BV and ECN are proud to present the ADMETALFLEX 3D printer at the Additive Manufacturing User Group conference in Chicago later this month.

ADMETALFLEX2This new 3D printer, member of the ADMAFLEX series, delivers metal printed components with high-quality material properties and, compared to industry standards, low-surface roughness values, fine features and no residual stresses. The operating principles originate from a DLP, filled photosensitive resin, combined with debinding and sintering. The ADMAFLEX key technology items as the film technology and unique continues material throughput system apply to the ADMETALFLEX as well.

As Admatec and ECN have a good understanding of the powder metallurgy market, demonstrated by successes with their previous ceramic 3D printer, it was always the aim to launch this new metal 3D printer. Serving a demand in the market for relative small-sized, high-precise, high-performing printed metal components. The printer will print components manufactured by traditional shaping technologies as CNC machining or metal injection moulding (MIM). Especially for the last, growing MIM market, Admatec has high expectations.

Michiel de Bruijcker, managing director of ADMATEC: “ With this product, Admatec is underlining its strong cooperation with ECN and the dedication to push the ADMAFLEX technology to more applications and broader market acceptance. Pulling off this task will strengthen ADMATEC’s market position as a leading additive manufacturing brand!”


316L printed components with the ADMETALFLEX

Jaco Saurwalt, director of the engineering & materials department at ECN: “ High-material quality combined with form freedom and fine product details were the goal of our development. By improving both the process as well as the machine the current ADMATEC ceramics printing technology has been extended to high-density metals.”


Admatec Europe BV, founded in 2013, delivers printed components and 3D printing equipment for ceramics and metals. At Admatec they control the complete development cycle from materials, to machine development, to manufacturing and process development. Understanding the market we recognize its growth potential and the required needs for developments, there for all systems are open source not allowing the user to work with Admatec supplied consumables.

About ECN

ECN is the Netherlands’ largest research institute for sustainable energy. With around 500 employees, ECN participates actively in projects at home and abroad and cooperates with industry, authorities and research institutes on solar energy, wind energy, biomass, energy efficiency and environmental and energy engineering. ECN is based in Petten, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

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