ACERBIS Selects Aptos PLM

ATLANTA, GA, Feb 14, 2019 – Aptos, Inc., a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced that ACERBIS, the historic Italian brand of motorbike components and sportswear, has successfully deployed Aptos PLM to manage the design and collection development process of its multi-sport division.

Within weeks of the solution’s deployment, ACERBIS is realizing significant benefits to its business, including optimized workflows, centralized data and improved traceability.

Since 1973, ACERBIS has been involved in the world of sports. The experience and knowledge gained over the years has led to the creation of a division dedicated to sportswear, and specialized in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of technical clothing and accessories for football, rugby, basketball and volleyball, in addition to custom sportswear and technical apparel for professional teams. Today, ACERBIS is the technical sponsor of many Italian and European teams and sells its products in five continents.

“Our assortment is extremely differentiated. We serve several sport segments, including designing and producing teamwear and custom-made clothing. The commitment to continuous research and innovation has allowed us to grow both in Italy and abroad,” explains Francesco Trentini, IT manager at ACERBIS. “In this highly dynamic and fast-growing sportswear segment, Aptos PLM is supporting us at each step of product development from centralizing technical drawings, colors, size specs, bills of material, as well as in managing samples, production technical worksheets and supply costs.”

“After just a few weeks following go-live of the Aptos solution, we are seeing benefits in terms of immediate and efficient data exchange, rationalization of workflows, and improved communication among all departments involved in developing our collections,” notes Trentini.

Aptos PLM is in use by all designers, line managers and buyers across ACERBIS’ sportswear division.

“Aptos PLM seamlessly integrates with Adobe Illustrator, offering our designers the ability to work within an environment which is familiar to them. Sketches, technical drawings and all information produced by our creative team are immediately accessible to line managers, who have gained tighter and continuous visibility over product development. Also, tech-packs can now be shared with selected suppliers, with clear visibility on the latest updates and accurate management of versioning. This translates into more precise interactions, greater traceability and suppliers’ increased responsiveness,” concludes Trentini.

“We are proud to be partnering with a respected brand such as ACERBIS and of the results they have achieved thus far,” comments Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO and culture leader. “Product development involves hundreds if not thousands of interactions. Aptos PLM is a best fit for companies that are looking to automate and streamline critical processes for everyone involved in creating and managing collections.”

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